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    How much are you in debt ?

    How much are you in debt ? I'm talking about credit card,students loans etc. I have 0 debt, from every paycheck I try to save at least 2/3.Whenever I buy plane ticket using credit card I pay at once full amount back. How about you people ?
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    IPod Snobs

    Sorry for this little rant, If the iPod ear bud wires were black would there be so many people walking around and just showing off. Another thing is,how many of you can read book in bus or subway and learn and remember anything,I can't.Some people of course like to to read on public...
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    British Airways just saved 190,000 $ -carry on lads

    I will never again fly on British Airways, Brits are known to be tight about money, but this is just being CHEAP !,00.html
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    News Who's next: Syria or Iran ?

    now looks like USA will attack Syria instead of Iran or both of them.Maybe USA will just attack Iran's nuclear facillities and Israel gonna go for Syria. Today I have read that there was an explosion in Busherhr where reactor is being build, here we go again spreading democracy with bombs ...
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    Dresden 1945

    So..what do you think about bombing of Dresden in 1945, was it justified or was that a war crime ?
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    WW2 era German 88 mm anti aircraft gun

    What was so special about WW2 era German 88 mm anti aircraft gun later used to great effect as an anti tank gun?
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    I need saltpeter

    from where can I get saltpeter?
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    FM reception

    How to improve FM radio reception? I have this boombox type radio in my room with one meter long telescopic antenna, reception is sometimes really bad. Should I just hook up lenght of wire to the antenna or what ? Thanks. :smile:
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    Human adaptation to the climate

    Why mongoloid people have slanted eyes or blacks big lips etc.Is that the adaptation to the climate ?
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    Wedding gift

    My best friend is getting married and he send me invitation to come to the wedding,unfortunatelly I just can't come.My question: is it required to send some sort of gift to them or not? I was thinking to send them few hundred bucks but I'm not sure.Please help me.