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    Cold atoms research

    What do you mean by "cold atoms?"
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    Asking for Ye ole Guidance and Opinion

    You're a LAW student and you can't do word problems? Seriously??? They're rarely anything more than logic problems...
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    Schools Questions about graduate school stipends

    True and true. We had no problem living on one grad student stipend and my part-time salary--combined about $40K/year--in a medium cost-of-living area (rent $600/month). In fact, we even managed to save several thousand dollars the first year we were married.
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    Admissions Applying to just ONE grad program?

    Ultimately, that's what I would like to do. However, I gave up a lot--at my husband's urging, mind you--to do the stay-at-home parent thing. It wasn't what I wanted to do. In fact, moving to this city wasn't my idea, either (I wanted him to accept the gig on the opposite coast). He and I...
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    Admissions Applying to just ONE grad program?

    I have to worry about money since preschool and daycare aren't cheap. Around here, it's to the tune of $1,500/month. Not exactly chump change.
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    Admissions Applying to just ONE grad program?

    He's a low-level faculty member, but not tenure-track. And he's in a different department than I am.
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    Admissions Applying to just ONE grad program?

    Applying to just ONE grad program??? I'm applying to just ONE grad physics program, and a top 20 one at that (my husband is at this school, and we have a young kid, so it's this school or no school...we don't have the resources/freedom for me to commute or live elsewhere or pay tuition...
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    Becoming a professor is that impossible?

    I haven't read all the posts yet (but I will), but I'll comment anyway. Yes, it's very, very hard to land a "good" professor job. It's easier than getting a prof gig in the humanities or something, but the odds are still only about 50% for physics PhDs graduating from top 10 or top 20...
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    Physics What are some in demand skills to have as a non-academic physicist?

    What are some "in demand" skills to have as a non-academic physicist? I'm applying to grad school (all apps seem to be due this December) in physics. Of course, I'm going to tell my prospective grad schools that I want nothing more than to be a renowned physics professor at a research...
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    Medical Anyone ever taken any of these weird medications ?

    It's funny that you should mention sitting in class and having panic attacks. I had never had one before going into physics. Maybe it was because I was so passionate about physics and trying to get into grad school--like, I was terrified of getting a B in anything--that I developed anxiety...
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    Medical Anyone ever taken any of these weird medications ?

    The worst panic attack I've ever had occurred about a month ago. I didn't have my Ativan with me on campus and so couldn't take any until I made it home. However, I was a good 20 minutes' walk from my car and another 15 minutes' drive home. During that time, the attack just got worse and...
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    Medical Anyone ever taken any of these weird medications ?

    I take Adderall and Ativan. Adderall was a life-changer for me. And I couldn't make it three days without Ativan (I'm pretty high strung).
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    Secrets and women

    I can't believe you guys are my colleagues! No wonder women have such a hard time getting academic positions. Before you've even carried on a conversation with us, you've already decided we're worthless, gossipy human beings. How the h3ll am I supposed to share the results of an experiment...
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    Secrets and women

    You realize, right, that not all women are gossip mongers? Perhaps the typical woman gossips, but I'm not a typical woman (as evidenced by me pursuing physics) and I don't gossip. I have better things to think about.
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    Your physical shape and condition

    I don't work out, but I try to take a walk when I can. I'm a chick, 5'9" and 130 lbs. I'm also in my 30s, which means my metabolism is slower than you youngsters' in your twenties.
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    Unified Theory of Everything - Figured Out

    I had a prof as an undergrad who had a huge filing cabinets of crackpot papers he'd accumulated over his 40+ year career. If you ever wanted to be amused, just pick on out of the drawer at random. I still remember one where the guy claimed that all particles in the universe were just...
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    How much time to devote to research?" [Broken] It's a tad old, but it's from CalTech. Should we grad students and posts docs really be spending 95% or more of our waking lives in the laboratory?
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    General GRE?

    I posted before about possibly retaking the physics GRE, but now I have a question about the general GRE. First of all, I took the general GRE years ago, and scored well as I recall, but ETS drops scores after 5 years, so I have to retake the booger :mad: I mean, there are sooooo many other...
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    I hate Linear Algebra

    I agree. I took every linear algebra course our school had, voluntarily. If I could have majored in just linear algebra, I would have. :tongue:
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    Testing Retake Physics GRE?

    I would totally consider medical physics. Is there much of a demand for medical physicists? I keep getting contradictory information on this. Some sources say that we need more and that employment opportunities are ample; other sources say that the market is already "oversaturated" with...
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    Do you really have to be the top 1% in your class to shoot for prestige programs?

    Honestly, some people are just gifted. My husband is one of them. My husband (though not myself, unfortunately :frown: ) was one of those people. In fact, during one of his engineering classes (he studied both engineering and physics as an undergrad), his professor sat down behind him during...
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    Testing Best guide book for cat examination

    You mean, for the general GRE exam (the computer-adaptive GRE)? I'm studying for this right now, too. I've been attending those free Kaplan seminars around campus (if you have a Kaplan place near you) and checking out books from the public library. Barron's has a great word book ("Essential...
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    Courses Is it common for people to retake a course in order to boost their GPA?

    From my experience at the couple schools I've attended, one could only retake a course IFF he received a C or below. Thus, you wouldn't be able to turn a B into an A, for example. Though you could turn a D into a B (though both grades still remain on your transcript for all the world to see).
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    Testing Retake Physics GRE?

    I'm sure this has been posted by, like, a gazillion other people, but I'd also like an evaluation. Goal: Physics PhD (the PhD is primarily for my own personal benefit...I know that I could work with just a Masters, but I really, really, really want my PhD). Overall undergrad GPA...