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    Constructive/Destructive Interference

    Homework Statement A person driving at v = 15 m/s crosses the line connecting two radio transmitters at right angles, as shown in the figure (d1 = 300 m and d2 = 100 m). The transmitters emit identical signals in phase with each other, which the driver receives on the car radio. When the car...
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    Nearsightedness, Refractive Power, Optics

    Homework Statement The relaxed eyes of a patient have a refractive power of 50.1 diopters. (For the purposes of this problem, treat the eye as a single-lens system, with the retina 2.40 cm from the lens.) (a) Is the patient nearsighted or farsighted? (b) If the patient is nearsighted, find...
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    Images With Plane Mirror

    Homework Statement The rear window in a car is approximately a rectangle, 1.3 m wide and 0.30 m high. The inside rear-view mirror is 0.62 m from the driver's eyes, and 1.58 m from the rear window. What are the minimum dimensions for the rear-view mirror if the driver is to be able to see the...
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    Magnitude & Direction of Magnetic Field

    Homework Statement An electron moving with a speed of 9.0 multiplied by 105 m/s in the positive y direction experiences zero magnetic force. When it moves in the positive z direction it experiences a force of 1.7 multiplied by 10-13 N that points in the negative x direction. What is the...
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    Electric Circuits, Kirchhoff's Rules

    The question: Suppose point A is grounded (V = 0) in Figure 21-36, in which script e = 16 V and R = 11 . Find the potential at points B and C. Here is the diagram: I'm pretty sure that I have to use Kirchhoff's rules in order to solve this problem...
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    Electrical Energy Storage, Capactor, Battery, Motor

    Here is my problem [the last one of a lot that I already got all right and have to turn in by midnight - so you can sense my frustration, lol.] A .39microF capacitor is charged by a 1.5 V battery. After being charged, the capacitor is connected to a small electric motor. a) Assuming 100%...