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    Chemistry: Mixture and Mass

    Homework Statement A mixture of NaCl and NaBr has a mass of 2.08 g and is found to contain 0.76 g of Na. What is the mass of NaBr in the mixture? Homework Equations Molar mass equations (possibly), formula mass The Attempt at a Solution I've calculated the percent composition of Na in...
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    Seperation effects on the forces of gravity and eletricity

    Homework Statement Two charged pellets are pulled apart to twice their original separation. (a) Which is likely to be larger, the gravitational force or the electrical force between them? Why? (b) Which will change by a greater factor when they are pulled apart, the gravitational force or the...
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    Metal and wood common temperature for neutral feel

    Metal and wood common temperature for neutral "feel" Homework Statement Taken from the homework: At what common temperature will a block of wood and a block of metal both feel neither hot nor cold to the touch. Homework Equations I believe it is just conceptual, so I do not know if one...