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    Ball from the ground lands on top of a building

    Well, I took my Physics final today, and I passed it but I didn't do quite as well as I'd hoped. Anyway, there was one problem I spent tons of time trying to figure out. I've tried giving it a shot again at home, but it's still eluding me. Some guidance would be great! Sorry if this is...
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    Roller Coaster Problem with KE and PE

    Homework Statement [Broken] Note: Solving for part D and E Homework Equations Unsure. Language in the problem seems ambiguous. Perhaps (KE + PE)b = (KE + PE)a The Attempt at a Solution So I think it's done this way. From A to B and...
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    Position vector R of a particle moving x-y plane

    Hello, new to these forums! I'm working on my UPI homework, and I just want to verify if I'm doing something correctly. The problem: The position vector r of a particle moving in the x - y plane given by r = (2t^3)i + (6-7t^4)j, where r is in meters and t is in seconds. Calculate r v a...