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    Admissions Applying to just ONE grad program?

    Applying to just ONE grad program??? I'm applying to just ONE grad physics program, and a top 20 one at that (my husband is at this school, and we have a young kid, so it's this school or no school...we don't have the resources/freedom for me to commute or live elsewhere or pay tuition...
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    Physics What are some in demand skills to have as a non-academic physicist?

    What are some "in demand" skills to have as a non-academic physicist? I'm applying to grad school (all apps seem to be due this December) in physics. Of course, I'm going to tell my prospective grad schools that I want nothing more than to be a renowned physics professor at a research...
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    How much time to devote to research?" [Broken] It's a tad old, but it's from CalTech. Should we grad students and posts docs really be spending 95% or more of our waking lives in the laboratory?
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    General GRE?

    I posted before about possibly retaking the physics GRE, but now I have a question about the general GRE. First of all, I took the general GRE years ago, and scored well as I recall, but ETS drops scores after 5 years, so I have to retake the booger :mad: I mean, there are sooooo many other...
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    Testing Retake Physics GRE?

    I'm sure this has been posted by, like, a gazillion other people, but I'd also like an evaluation. Goal: Physics PhD (the PhD is primarily for my own personal benefit...I know that I could work with just a Masters, but I really, really, really want my PhD). Overall undergrad GPA...