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  1. tech99

    Hydrogen in the gas grid

    A trial has commenced at Keele University in the UK where 20% Hydrogen is injected into the domestic gas supply. In this way it can be stored and then utilised by existing domestic burners. Can this be a quick solution to reducing domestic CO2 emissions? Or is it better to use battery storage...
  2. tech99

    Can a sailing boat go faster than the wind when going in the downwind direction?

    If a sailing boat is running before the wind, i.e. with the wind exactly behind, is it possible for it to go faster than the wind? If one thinks of a wind generator on the boat it could perhaps operate an electric propulsion motor to give any desired speed? But what about the apparent wind when...
  3. tech99

    Phase of a magnetic field

    I should like to ask about the magnetic field of a wire carrying an alternating current (the dimensions of the experiment are too small for radiation to be significant). If I measure the phase of the magnetic field a distance from the surface of the wire, is it still in phase with the current? I...
  4. tech99

    Transformer core considered as a waveguide

    Has anyone considered the iron core of a transformer to act as a transmission line or waveguide, where it conveys energy from primary to secondary? The core seems to resemble a "magnetic version" of the single wire Goubau line.