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  1. George Jones

    Stargazing Naked Eye NEOWISE

    It was clear all day yesterday, and the forecast was for mainly clear all night, so, at 11:00 pm, I set up scope for a visual session with Jupiter and Saturn before bed. By the time I was ready to align the scope, the sky was mainly cloudy, and Jupiter was not visible. i came inside to read...
  2. George Jones

    RIP The Palace of Auburn Hills

    I just saw this today: For 15 years I lived in Canada and less than one mile from Detroit. I never went to see the Pistons play at The Palace of Auburn Hills (I did see Gretzky play the Wings at Joe Louis), but I did...
  3. George Jones

    Notation Question

    What does the symbol ##\supset## mean as used in equations (3.1) and (3.2) of
  4. George Jones

    Murray Gell-Mann Has Died

    According to the Twitterverse, the great physicist Murray Gell-Mann has died. I had hoped that, eventually, a Nobel would be awarded for the theory of QCD (quantum chromodynamics). Now that can't happen.
  5. George Jones

    Synonyms "cardinality" with "carnality"?

    The PF spell-checker suggests replacing the mathematical term "cardinality" with "carnality". Are these terms synonymous? Hmm ... finite carnality ... infinite carnality ... different levels of infinite carnality ...
  6. George Jones

    Wolfgang Rindler Passed Away

    See As a student, his texts greatly influenced me.
  7. George Jones

    Michael Atiyah has died

    Another great has gone.
  8. George Jones

    Variations on Schrodinger's Cat

    See the cartoons at
  9. George Jones

    Too Much Smoke!

    It is 9:45 am in my city in British Columbia, and it is pitch black. All the streetlights are on!
  10. George Jones

    Quoting From Insights Articles

    I do not know if this has come up before. In the "Discuss in the Community" thread for an Insights article, is it possible to quote (including lots of maths) from the original article?
  11. George Jones

    Officer Uhura

    On Saturday, my 11-year-old daughter communicated in-person with Communications Officer (TOS) Uhura.
  12. George Jones

    Ice Skating!

    This outdoor 400-metre (quarter mile) oval is where my daughter and I go skating. It opens for the season today, and we are just about to step out the door to walk (about 10 minutes) there!
  13. George Jones

    "Refrain from Discussing Mathematics"

    Sign at a deli in Connecticut: "Please refrain from discussing mathematics while waiting in line." To hear the story, start listening at 13:40 of the audio file I heard this on the CBC program "As It Happens" while driving my...
  14. George Jones

    News RIP Cecile DeWitt-Morette

    Cecile DeWitt-Morette died on May 8, 2017. On a personal note, as coauthor the text "Analysis, Manifolds and Physics"...
  15. George Jones

    Books You Wish Were Available Back in the Day

    Which more recent books do you wish had been available when you were an undergrad student, grad student, or postdoc?
  16. George Jones

    Walter Greiner: October 1935 - October 2016

    Author and coauthor of an incredibly useful series of physics books.
  17. George Jones

    Bear Attack This happened: 1) 1.6 kilometres (1 mile) from the building in which I work; 2) even closer to where friends live; 3) *exactly* where my nine-year-old daughter was on...
  18. George Jones

    News Fire: Entire Canadian City Evacuated

    I hope things get better today in Fort McMurray ("Fort Mac") Alberta,
  19. George Jones

    News RIP Jacob Bekenstein (Black Hole Entropy)

    A pioneer.
  20. George Jones

    Security is tight when

    ... you are asked for ID in order to enter facilities named after you.
  21. George Jones

    Rules for Female Teachers (1915)

    Source: the website of University of Toronto's The Ontario Institute for Studies in Education,
  22. George Jones

    Meaning of "adiabatic" in Britain?

    I recently have discovered that the thermodynamics term "adiabatic" seem to be used slightly differently in Britain than it is in North America. What does "adiabatic" mean in Britain?
  23. George Jones

    Bomb Threat

    This morning, instead of my normal short ride on a single bus form a local coffee shop to work, I had to take a circuitous route involving four buses. [Broken]
  24. George Jones

    News RIP John Dobson

    He revolutionized amateur astronomy. [Broken]
  25. George Jones

    New Book: Special Relativity in General Frames by Gourgoulhon,+mathematical+%26+computational+physics/book/978-3-642-37275-9 I have just ordered (actually, my wife did, but she has yet to realize this :biggrin:) this new, comprehensive...
  26. George Jones

    Workplace Hazard

    At 9:30 am yesterday, all employees where I work (on the edge of a forest) received the following email (marked with a red exclamation mark):
  27. George Jones

    News Bridge collapses in Washington state
  28. George Jones

    Sydney Freedman

    Allan Arbus, the actor who played Sydney Freedman on M*A*S*H, died last Friday at the age of 95. Wow, I'm old.
  29. George Jones

    Donald Duck Dunn Dies
  30. George Jones

    Vancouver Plane Crash As more information becomes available, the story at the above URL should update. In order for me to fly anywhere, I first have to fly to anywhere, I first have to fly in a small passenger plane to this...