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    Make 2 computers

    How can I make 2 computer see each other using only one cable, not the cable like a printer's, but the one you use for internet connection ? How to do that ? I can connect to a remote computer with ip ex, but taht way not let me share files, copy files to my own computer, I can...
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    Server how to make it ?

    I don't knoww how to do because I am not a computerist. Thanks, please...please..:wink:
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    Server how to make it ?

    One Server for computers to get connected, for file transfer in a small network. And that is all....Help more please?
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    Server how to make it ?

    Right, I have some computers, I want to set up one as a server and the other as clients. How can I do it? Teach newie please.... If you keep silent, finally I won't know anything, or anyone like me know nothing either, agree ? Post something to help me please........ Thanks