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    Lamest News Article ever

    I don't empathize with the view that this is crap news. I found it very interesting.. wish more news was like this.
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    Telepathy experience

    I wouldn't recommend Radin's popular publications for those that are serious about learning the field. His scientific publications are fine, but the meta-analyses that he provides in his popular books are not. There are those that have a much wider search criteria (hence a larger N, perhaps...
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    Who won from the housing bubble?

    Mortgage brokers (the actual employees w/ limited liability) who were earning stupid commissions and those firms constructing and selling the original non-conforming retail mortgage backed securities without holding too much of them. Real estate agents maybe? (as someone above suggested)
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    What U.S. Economic Recovery? Five Destructive Myths

    From the quotation in the OP: I'm not sure what information this reporter was trying to convey when adding this sentence in during a discussion about youth unemployment. Those unemployed are unemployed partly because they're the most undesirable to the labour market (on average) in...
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    Do you agree with multiculturalism?

    Can you please define what you mean by this damage that you perceive is occuring. Further, can you provide any evidence that this damage is actually happening and provide any evidence as to the extent of this damage. You did mention an inability to assimilate, so perhaps this is what you meant...
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    Near Death Experience: theoretical implications contingent upon validity of claim?

    I've done reading on this topic for about a year, a few years ago. Forgot most of the papers that I read. I recall the most interesting result from different studies being the claimed veridicality of NDEs.. Some cases seemed quite remarkable. Unfortunately I don't remember many references as it...
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    Most Frustrating, Embarrassing Brain Farts [Broken] [PLAIN] [Broken] [PLAIN][PLAIN] [Broken]
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    George Anderson and Allison Dubois-are they frauds?

    What you said is completely false. [Broken] "empty" apparently means a p-value of 1.1^10E5.
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    The enormous mortgage-bond scandal

    Very interesting.
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    Solution to paid parental leave badness- economic crackpot or makes sense?

    Was thinking about the paid parental leave schemes. I have come under the impression that they are unfair (unfair under any system) as they stand now. The fact that it exists forces profit maximising firms to give lower wages to women - they incur a risk premium. This is because women, from...
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    Is economics ?

    Even if a million people started speculating on real estate, that doesn't mean that there will be any irrational decision making on behalf of the market participants (irrational under the economics definition). ]
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    Calculus and the Stock Market

    Yes, a risk premium for systematic risk. According to modern portfolio theory, inefficient portfolios will still have uncompensated risk due to lack of diversification, which the holder is not being compensated $$ for. This is putative in modern portfolio theory - CAPM, markowitz problems...
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    Calculus and the Stock Market

    Really? I read a paper that claimed to disprove the efficient market hypothesis by way of demonstrating that above market returns could be gained over a sufficient period of time using technical analysis. Unfortunately, this was a while ago and I forgot the link. I think it was in the wikipedia...
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    Human instincts

    The desire to self-maximize goals that have emotional weight? Wealth (some people), status (some people), free time, etc.
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    Desired Trade growth rate - please help?

    Does such a target exist? And do you mean growth in Net Exports (Xs - Ms, or Exports - Imports)?
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    Is economics ?

    I'll just add that what caused the GFC has absolutely ZERO to do with economic models such as IS-LM, Exogenous growth model, simple AD-AS model, etc. That's an important point. Although, it does have to do with continued financial deregulation, which many economists support. Many believed that...
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    Is economics ?

    Actually, such a monkey, if it did exist, and it did do what you're saying and was more profitable, is not in violation of economic theory. Efficient market hypothesis. Still, you would've needed a human to get the monkey's picks an create an idealized portfolio (minimized expected variance for...
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    Chi: A real force?

    Ok, well, I've just starting Bagua QiGong (I get trained for free by a family friend) and you CAN feel what these people are calling Chi! Although, for me to feel it requires tendonal/muscle/whatever stretching in the hand forearm area. Your hand starts to "pump", as if there's air rushing...
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    Near death out-of-body experiences

    Anesthesian awareness is surprisingly common. This does not imply that the person had their eyes open or was having an OBE during anesthesia. That is very rare. Or did this person report having an OBE?
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    Near death out-of-body experiences

    This field is one in which there are many suggestive anecdotes - reported, in concordance with patients, by doctors and surgeons - that seem to demonstrate that the person was observing events during incapacitation. There are also arguments and counter-arguments that are continuously debated...
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    What determines Market Power

    Define "market power".
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    Free will Compatibilists? Help!

    An algorithm? Cool! Algorithms abide by physical causation, even self-adaptive ones. So? All I've been proposing is this system adheres to physics, and this physics is random and or determined until a third type of causality is demonstrated that isn't random and or determined. Please...
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    Impact of recession and oil price increase

    Depends - long/medium/short run. In the short run, I don't think the AS curve will move because of the previous poster's logic. Only the demand curve shifts. In the long run it should actually change a little if it's a massive recession. It's because productive capacity will be stymied...
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    Free will Compatibilists? Help!

    Agreed. I can understand this. I was under the impression you were pushing this, because you brought up many examples of this. I think I said a few times that I agreed with your examples, but I disagreed that they weren't run by physics (that physics being random &/or determined). I disagree...
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    Free will Compatibilists? Help!

    Yes. That is called causal determinacy. I am not assuming QM is determined. That was one of the assumptions in your sentence. (Actually, you could have meant random QM underlies this system. Oh well) This is not possible. And I'm not assuming that "no conflicts arise" in the sense that chaos...
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    Free will Compatibilists? Help!

    Yes this sounds correct (your proceeding explanation of their definition). I was thinking of going up to a random person and asking if they can self-cause, but their intuitions would probably be what you outlined, they wouldn't even be thinking of true self-causation as apposed to physics. So I...
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    Free will Compatibilists? Help!

    Yes. I accept chaos. I accept systems viewpoints. I don't accept that the brain exists inside the physical universe but does not evolve through time according to physical law. I think this is magical. I need you to show me the exact place where physics breaks down. Yes, and this other part of...
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    Free will Compatibilists? Help!

    Never said this. You stated that I was inventing the definition to suit my own needs. I HAD to reference a credible source to refute your accusation. Precisely. The brain is the same. Unfortunately for your position, these parameters are bound to physical law, until you show why they are...
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    Free will Compatibilists? Help!

    Just because one cannot possibly "deduce"/predict a complex system arising from the laws of physics we have laid out (given today's knowledge/technology) is no argument for the existence of a brand new type of causality that supersedes determinism &/or randomness. You acquire the burden of...
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    Free will Compatibilists? Help!

    OK, please demonstrate how your new causality could arise on top of determined and/or random processes. Then claim your Nobel prize in physics. laws --> brain heuristics and self organization. Please demonstrate how the latter has no (total) causal dependency on the former. Again, once you've...