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    The owie stick

    I had a general idea back in the day dubed "the owie stick". after seeing the movie "district 9", about how the "lightning gun" the main character used would or could work in a real life situation. I looked at it as a big tazer and thought if you shoot multiple conductive darts, one right after...
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    Does accelerating electrons give a higher voltage

    the way im understanding how voltage works is how fast one coulomb is passing a point. so if i push more electrons passed a point, it actually gives it a higher voltage? that and, if i have a screen with a positive potential across it and an electron stream flowing towards it, would the stream...
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    Bitter magnet help needed.

    alright so i think ive got a pretty good handle on this, im looking for a proof read though. any acurate input is greatly appreciated :D Field intensity in teslas = (amps x turns)/coil area; ignoring coil length effects meaning B=μ0(Ni)/m^2 right? but my question is: dont i have to...
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    Physics/chem question

    bare with me here, this is kind of a physics/chem question. if you had a chunk of dry ice (solid co2) at one atm and heat it rapidly enough so it expanded, how hard of a "push" would it make? D:
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    Question on enamel coating

    i am winding a transformer rated for 150A or more, and i cant find wire thick enough, in my neighborhood, to fit the profile. i did find a shop that sells bare wire at 8awg. so i thought i could put an enameled coating on each winding as i wound it. ya dig? is there a commercial "lacquer" i can...
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    Bitter magnets

    anyone have equations for bitter magnets? or do i use the ones for solenoids? i need an electromagnet capable of 4T. that doesn't use super conductors >_> i have access to liquid nitrogen though.
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    Penning trap

    i have a personal project that has been brewing in my head since high school. i want to make an electron trap that is capable of holding more than a few particles. a friend has been helping me research the capability of electromagnets and penning traps. according to...