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    My grade on 4.0 scale

    Wow, all these people putting an 80 at 2.7 or a C. Such a skewed scale. In my elementary and high schools, that's an A by just a hair, and there was no "-" or "+". At the University of Toronto, that's an A- (just barely) and gets 3.7 (the link from the guy above didn't work for me, so I'm...
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    Question about performance (computers), does this make sense?

    Your first seems reasonable. There are also problems associated with communicating between hardware (like in dual-core), or if it were more integrated hardware with more complex units you still have the gate delay providing an upper bound to your performance (even if you had infinite hardware...
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    Vista OS

    Just so not everybody is offering a dissenting opinion: I upgraded to Vista on my machine. Vista was free for me (in fact, for unrelated reasons received a free copy of Vista Business and a free copy of Vista Ultimate). I would not ever want to go back to Windows XP if I can help it...
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    The seat of free will

    That is precisely why one might make the attempt to use mathematics and physics to prove free will (or rather, to disprove free will -- it seems to me probably significantly harder to prove such a thing if it is true than to disprove it if it's false -- but that's just my impression). Whatever...
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    An absolute beginner

    Ultimately this amounts to a semantic quibble over what "derived" means. It could go on indefinitely if we wish to invoke an appeal to popularity fallacy; Googling 'Java "derived from C++"' without single-quotes comes to a Google estimate of 1.02 million results. I suppose some of them could be...
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    C/++/# C++ problem

    Can you do this? Do you want to?
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    Medical Question about brain development.

    Even without the brains, humans do have some distinct advantages. Our day vision is actually really good compared to many creatures. It's only in special cases, like eagles, that we lose the vision contest. We do suck at smell. Our hearing is a bit in-between, but we have pretty good...
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    C/++/# C++ Quiz starts here >

    Struct is default public, class is default private. What's the difference between a virtual destructor and a virtual function?
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    Brain Teasers Q&A Game

    I can quickly up their odds to 12.5% Let's call Art History guy A, Biochemistry guy B, Law guy L, and Math guy M. They decide to label the desk closest to the door as 1 and the furthest is 4. Alternatively, if row is aligned such that no desk is closest the door, then you choose the rightmost...
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    Medical Human-Level AI

    I agree with 0rthodontist on the principle that just because our minds are complicated, doesn't mean the essential part of thinking is so. Perhaps it might be a lot harder to develop an AI that could be "downloaded" into an "empty" brain (perhaps that of a politician). I'm not sure what the...
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    Schools Hoping For A Full Scholorship To A University

    I had a very similar situation four years ago, though I was applying to Software Engineering at University of Waterloo and Engineering Science at University of Toronto. Quite a few more volunteer hours than you spent coordinating a bunch of other students to train people in Computer & Internet...
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    Top Video Game Vixens…thoughts?

    Dude, did you sign up on every forum on the Internet to post that? Is this some form of marketing? Look up "Top Video Game Vixens" on Google, with quotes. The same username with the same post over and over and over. First post everywhere. Does Playboy pay you directly, or are you...
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    The speed of light in a vacuum?

    Light is itself energy. The presence of light itself makes space not a vacuum, under your expanded definition. In the strictest of senses, I would say yes, it is a purely theoretical construct. Of course, there are some implications of this, combined with current knowledge of the universe...
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    China and United States

    I would suggest that while it is not directly proportional, there is certainly a relationship with population which, all other relevant factors being equal (such as perhaps culture, the average living space per person in their region, politics...), would make a place like China more likely to...
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    Time: An illusion?

    What makes you think this? A dimension (like time, the familiar space dimensions, and other postulated dimensions) is simply a measure of the space between things. A meter or so separates me from my door. Five minutes or so separates me from the sending of this post to Physics Forums. I...
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    Help on Buying a New Laptop

    Whoops, looks like my reply got weirdly cut off. It's Core 2 Duo, not Core Duo 2. Yeah, it's weird. And anyway, it pretty much beats anything, but it's rather high-end at this point, and you wanted cheap. Regular Core Duo is good stuff and a bit cheaper. If you see Centrino Duo, those are...
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    Help on Buying a New Laptop

    I've seen it a thousand times. People have laptops which they always use plugged in, but they might take them to work (and plug them in), or a relative's house, or even within the house between the bedroom, living room, kitchen, basement, or whatever. A desktop and all the accompaniments and...
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    Free small OS code?

    OS/161 is designed to teach undergraduate students about operating systems over four months. That's what they used to teach me in third-year. I honestly don't know if it's still good to learn from without a lecturer. [Broken] It's inspired by, but...
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    Windows fights gmail?

    Gmail is too still in beta. It's been a very, very long beta, but if you look at the gmail logo, the word BETA is in the bottom right. IE 7 is also still in beta, in case that's what confused you. Andre: this isn't Microsoft's fault, at least, not on purpose. Either you had some very...
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    C/++/# How to debug a c or c++ program?

    If the code is small, use printf as he said, but follow these printf calls with the line: fflush(stdout); Otherwise if your program crashes in runtime it might not print everything that it is supposed to (output is buffered, and fflush clears out the buffer). You have no idea how confusing it...
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    Quick question about 0/0

    The limit as x approaches 0 from above is infinity as you described. The limit as x approaches 0 from below is NEGATIVE infinity in a manner analogous to how you describe. Since the left-hand and right-hand limits do not coincide, the limit as x approaches 0 period does not exist...
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    To choose between physics engineering and electrical engineering

    I went through almost the same decision (physics vs. computer, and there's a lot of overlap between computer and electrical, especially in the earlier stages). I ended up choosing physics out of high school because I had a sort of "romanticized" notion of being the mad scientist and/or...
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    C/++/# Help with c++ program for series

    Yeah, initialize them to zero and make finchie's changes, and it should do what you describe.
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    Bad Math Jokes

    No harm done. I was also sort of impatient with's exam time, you see. In the spirit of your joke: Stupid people will always make more money. Proof: By definition, Power = Work / Time Rearranging: Time = Work / Power Time IS Money, and Knowledge IS Power, so substituting: Money...
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    Bad Math Jokes

    This is frustrating -- these are world-class mathematicians and professionals who have laid this out point by point. First of all, you can't disagree with mathematical proof, and if you do, you aren't reading it right. And yes, you can argue that somebody wrote a program proving stuff. It's...
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    Bad Math Jokes

    Actually, you can argue with your experiment, because you did it wrong. To explain your problem: IF the main man is guilty (1/3 of the time), then only one of the other guys is guilty, and the guard HAS to point to him. He will point at him 100% of the time. So 1/3 of the time this...
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    Describe the universe in 15 words

    That which is. (Oooh, sounds a bit biblical)
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    Black hole-event horizon

    Well, there's experimental evidence for the mathematical equations which in turn suggest as franznietzsche and pervect have said. For your statement to be true, you must show a consistent, observable error in General Relativity, which also fits all available data at least as well as General...
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    Potential vs. Voltage

    To my knowledge, voltage and potential are the same thing (but voltage is specifically about electric potential, at least in usual parlance if not always).
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    [Poll] To end all disease

    I would not allow a single disease to exist, who am I to make such a decision controlling the lives of others, thinking that this would be the solution of my problem, it's too selfish for my liking! You know, if we lived in a society where already a child was sacrificed once a year every year...