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    Need help with bezier curve style question

    this is actually for computer programming. I'm trying to show a line which plots the course taken by a ship. It's in space so drag etc are not an issue but it can continue to accelerate. I felt initally the answer was to take the end point and figure out the angle between the current...
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    Mid point of a triangle

    I blieve the mid point in space of arbitrary triangle formed by points A,B,C is the point at which the line A -> midpoint(B,C) B -> midpoint (A,C) C ->midpoint (A,B) meet (i also think C is redundant, that where A to mid and B to mid cross is basically the mid point of the whole...
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    Arctangent2 without square rooting?

    basically i have a problem where i am rotating 1 vector to be parallel to another i get the axis of rotation by the cross product of the 2 vectors the angle by the arctangent of the magnitude of the axis and the dot product of the 2 vectors however arctangent2(magnitude(axis) ...
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    Point at which a line intersects a plane

    So i know the equation of a plane. Ax + By +Cz = D Normal is the normal vector to the plane. A = normal.x B = normal.y C = normal.z p1 and p2 are 2 points on the line (which will intercept a plane at some point) the .x and .y and .z refer to there respective components of the...
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    Rotating a vector 90degrees

    Oh i understand a vector rotates around another vector but to me at least axis is short for the vector around which something rotates. I believe I solved the dilemma but thank you!
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    Rotating a vector 90degrees

    This isn't actually a homework question, i'm programming something, it's just what should be fairly simple math i'm just not certain how to do it. Assume I have a normalized vector which points directly up {0,1,0}. I also have another vector X. I'd like to rotate vector X along the...
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    Rotate 1 plane in 3d space to be parallel to another

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum. I'm actually trying to solve this for a computer program given shape A and shape B i'd like to rotate shape A so a given face is parallel to the nearest face of shape B attached image but i cant see it...