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    The world's most underrated historical figure

    Calvin Coolidge If he had run for president for a second term the 20th century would have been vastly different, in a better way.
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    Getting rich

    Earn your money through your own hard work, save it, and invest in yourself. Searching for quick ways to get rich while breaking your own morals in the process will result only in your own misery.
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    News Gun Control?

    I don't want to "send" my kids to school anyway, but that's irrelevant. Yeah, I would prefer to have my kids in a school where somebody could do something if the school was being taken over. In some places STUDENTS can bring GUNS to school (rifle clubs). I'm not suggesting everyone will be...
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    News Gun Control?

    I can do more damage with my car than I could do with any small arm (rifle, pistol, shotgun, even fully automatic). I can buy as much potentially explosive equipment as I want, without any safety regulations (gasoline, fertilizer, chlorine, name it). I can think of all sorts of interesting...
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    News Gun Control?

    A person's first responsibility is himself. Therefore, he needs to be able to defend himself. Wait until someone breaks into your house, with a gun. If you don't own one, you'll feel pretty vulnerable. Sure, you can call the cops, but you have to rely on someone else to save your life at...
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    News Can anyone save the world?

    You can save the world. Everyone here can save the world. If everyone stood for their own individual rights, nobody could take them away. The problem is government. Nothing is the bigger perpetrator of individual rights and life than a government in general. Study history. Read the...
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    What law would you change?

    I would repeal the 16th amendment
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    News A thought about the great depression

    It certainly didn't help when Roosevelt deliberately inflated the new paper currency after making it illegal to use gold currency, and jailing those who chose to to keep it. I am really curious as to how the entire world would have ended up if Coolidge had remained president for four more years.
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    News This is an opportunity to strike Iraq - Don Rumsfeld, 911

    Don't forget Africa...wasn't it Tunisia?
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    News IQ and state vote habits

    Hey I've got a test for you to take I designed it myself It proves that you're less capable than I So listen to what I have to say You are stupid, you see Incapable of thinking for yourself Just follow my lead I know what's best for you I have a plan Give me your money...
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    News Scaring the public witless is part of our job description

    Not only that, but the bill was shut down with only 2 representatives voting for it in the house. The 14 cosponsors didn't even bother voting for it! That reeks highly of deceit to me.
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    Halloween Fun - Tetris Inspired

    Aha! So that's how you get those two mishapen pieces to finally fit together!
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    Would You Live Forever?

    I would love to life forever. Sure...this planet won't be here forever, but that means I would still have a few billion years to nail interstellar travel. I mean, I wouldn't even have to worry about life support, would I? I would hope at some point though, that the universe collapsed back...
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    News Iraqi Gov and IAEA side with Kerry

    Hey Ivan if you're going to kneejerk every news article you come across you might as well note that just recently Matt Drudge posted info regarding Russia's involvement with moving said explosives into Syria. Ahh...looks like the Washington Times also posted this here...
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    What is your yardstick to judge someone?

    I judge people by their intolerance for bull****. I also like those who don't try to interfere with others' lives.
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    News Another Bush disaster
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    News Another Bush disaster

    Did you happen to notice at what date the explosives disappeared?
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    How important is your first year of engineering/other degree?

    My first semester was a swift kick in the rear that made me get my head straight. High school really does not prepare you for college at all these days. My calculus 2 professor was particularly demanding, and from him I learned a great deal about my own mathematical skill. My other...
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    Anyone need job?

    Sounds like it would be interesting, but there's that whole school thing...
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    Calculators TI-89 Calculator

    I don't think that the TI-89 will solve inequality equations. You'll have to separate the inequality into two separate equations and solve them separately. If the TI-89 does have this function, I am unaware. Just checking my manual it doesn't look like it.
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    Maths Olympiad Problem

    I'm looking at this and I think that the way to handle this is the way I above mentioned. If you follow the steps above, you get the value (1-e^iN*x)/(1-e^i*x). This can then be factored into (you take e^(iN*x/2) out of the top and e^(i*x/2) out of the bottom) e^( iN*x/2 ) * (...
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    Maths Olympiad Problem

    There is another way to do this, but you have to know how to use complex numbers, series, etc. It gives you a general formula. Basically, you can say that this is a sum from 1 to N of sin(n). This is hard in itself to evaluate, so you use Euler's formula where e^(i*x)=cos(x)+i*sin(x). You...
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    News Edwards will one day be president

    Ouch Double ouch. Aha Wow this is looking bad Oh he's one of those guys is he? It's almost like he's picking exactly the things I think are important and doing exactly what I disagree with. So I guess is a...
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    News Mr. Bush: Watch the jobs go

    I have no proof or anything other than the assertion that my best guess is that once stuff like this gets federal funding, it will become mandatory in time. Just like when Massachusetts started requiring compulsory school, the rest of the country soon followed suit. Or we saw from the Germans...
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    News 7 Dollar minimum wage

    So many companies, like the ones we have already mentioned in this thread? My first real job, that I got at 16 (grocery store clerk), paid more than minimum wage over four years ago. I stayed at the job, and by the time I left almost two years later I was making 7 an hour. Before that, I...
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    News Mr. Bush: Watch the jobs go

    A reflection of the times, in the words of de Tocqueville, who am I currently reading: Starting page 491 of de Tocqueville's Democracy in America How does this reflect upon outsourcing today?
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    News 7 Dollar minimum wage

    It's a paraphrase. He was saying that or the equivalent during the debate last night. He was speaking of returning to the budget surplus days.
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    News 7 Dollar minimum wage

    I agree, but that wasn't really what I was going for. Some jobs simply aren't worth 7 dollars, and these are the jobs that are introductory or for younger people, and aren't really meant to be stayed in for 20-30 years.
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    News 7 Dollar minimum wage

    That's what, less than 1% of the population, or less than 2% of the working population. I wonder what percentage of those working minimum wage are teenagers.
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    News 7 Dollar minimum wage

    They would?