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    Investigate neptune

    hello. i have to investigate neptune and i don't know what exactly to investigate. all i can find is that the interior is a bit of a mystery. what type of instrument (employed by a satellite) would be able to unravel this? i really need more than this but i don't know what else about neptune is...
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    Neptune project

    i am doing a project on neptune. a main constituent of this project is deciding what you want to investigate (scientific objectives) about neptune (multiple things can/should be studied). i seem to be having trouble with this. i can't think of much to study because i don't really know whats...
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    Does Russia have a good physics program

    hola. i have inquiries about inhabiting russia. does russia have a strong physics orientation (are there many research or physics opportunites)? is there anything in particular that would deter me from living there (ubiquitous poverty, evil tyrants, terrorism, bad things...)? i think it would be...
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    Astronomy project

    hello. i am taking a planetary astronomy class and at the end there is a final project due. the project is "designing" a satellite mission within our solar system. we are to pick something (one thing) and visit it (it can be anything from asteroids to planets to moons, excluding earth, the sun...
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    Possibility of an electric flame thrower?

    possibility of an electric "flame"thrower? this idea has kind of been laying quietly in my thoughts for a month or two. if i take something that emits electric bolts, like a tesla coil, would i be able to direct the bolts with a stream of oppositely charged gas (i imagine the stream of air...
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    Stargazing Itty bitty radio telescope?

    has anyone built this, something similar, or know anything about it? i found it on the internet and decided it was good to build seeing as i already have a satellite dish not being used. does anyone know of anything perhaps better to build? ive never built a radio telescope before, or any...
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    Good books on electricity/magnetism?

    hello. instead of asking exactly what electricity is and how it works and whatnot, i was wondering if there are any good books on the subject. i would appreciate any recommendations seeing as i know nothing on the subject (bookwise at least). thank you very much.
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    What exactly is engineering?

    hola. im just wondering, what exactly is engineering? i get the basic principle of "building stuff", but is there more to it? if i were to major in it, what would i learn? i enjoy trying to create ways to build things and trying to build them so im thinking engineering may not be a terrible...
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    Studying Calculus books

    i am looking to learn calculus. i will take it in college for i wish to major in physics but i thought it would be helpful to learn it now, plus i think it will help with my independent physics reading and whatnot. i also think it will be cool in itself. anyways, i am considering getting...
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    Schools Undergraduate colleges for physics

    does anyone know of any undergraduate colleges that have strong programs for physics and astronomy (possibly astrophysics)? i have kind of looked at university of arizona but that is all. any help would be much appreciated, especially because i really need to apply soon! thanks
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    Could someone explain fire on the atomic level?

    could someone explain fire on the atomic level? in six easy pieces it says heat is usually in the form of molecular motion but sometimes it can be so enormous that it generates light. but how? can the motion of these molecules form other types of electromagnetic radiation (secondary question)?
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    Moon: Look Now

    11/23 10:41. the moon is shining through a circular opening in the clouds or something. seriously, the opening is a perfect circle. it is the weirdest thing!!!go look at it!! what the heck???
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    Odd star flicker

    last night i was at the beach with my friends. i was looking up at the sky and i saw a star (two actually) that was flickering between green, red, orange, and the normal white. i have never seen this before it was incredibly weird. at first i thought it was a plane because they have the red and...
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    Is QED a good book?

    is QED a good book? i was originally looking at three roads to quantum gravity, but on someone said qed was better. are they both on the same topic? if anyone has any insight i would appreciate it.
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    Schools of physics

    i am entering that hallowed time of college applications. though ive found two primary colleges (oberlin,lawrence), i was wondering: what colleges (undergraduate) are good for physics? im under the impression rochester is so i was going to apply to it. my considerations for majors are physics...
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    Helium balloon in zero gravity

    a couple nights ago whilst my presleep thoughts wondered about, i came across a balloon filled with helium. in this thought, i saw the not uncommon sight of it floating up. then i wondered why it went up and not down or some arbitrary direction. i know helium is lighter than our oxygenic...
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    Antigravity underground

    hola. im not sure what specific place this should be so i figure general will do. i am in a physics club and our first project is a lifter. it apparently lifts above the ground using electricity (at least 25 kv). you can find videos and information online if you wish ( has a...
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    Self taught calculus?

    hola. this year in high school i was enrolled in AP calculus. the year before we had an awesome teacher who was incredibly smart. this year, however, he left and we got a new teacher. it is her first year teaching this. consequently, shes not teaching well and id say 75% of the class dropped it...
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    Physics report

    hola. i have to do a report comparing newtonian physics to quantum physics. are there any good sites or other resources that you know of? thanks
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    Crystal radio

    has anyone here ever built a crystal radio? what parts would i need and where can i get them? in the physics forum they said one could be constructed to run off the radio waves themselves, which is the kind i would like to build. thanks
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    Light speed and reflection

    i have a somewhat elusive question (for me) about light. when you drop a bouncy ball, after it hits the ground, right before it bounces back up, its velocity is zero. correct? it becomes troubling when the ball is replaced with light. when light is reflected straight back to its source, it...
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    Increasing laser power

    if you take a laser and shine it into another set of mirrors so that the light shoots out of the opposite end through which the laser first went into the second set of mirrors, would it be more powerful than when it started (the second set of mirrors would have a lasing medium)? if so, could you...
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    Electromagnets and waves

    if you create an electromagnet and move it up and down, wouldn't that be creating electromagnetic waves? if it is, wouldn't it be possible to create x-ray, light, and radio waves by moving it at the correct speed? thinking this over i get the feeling this is not true. with this new feeling in...