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    Other Second thoughts on Medical Physics PhD

    Hello all, So I am experiencing a major amount of doubt about going to my phd program. I am a recent MS physics graduate with a BS in physics as well. I recently accepted admissions to a very good medical physics program in the midwest and was granted a university fellowship for a year (or...
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    Programs Areas of research in Medical Physics

    Hello everyone, I have an upcoming interview with 3 great CAMPEP accredited Medical Physics PhD programs soon. I have went through my BS and MS in physics, with a few courses in Medical Physics (MRI/MRS, Radiation measurement labs, and currently taking Radiation Oncology Undergraduate course)...
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    Programs Medical Physics Ms/PhD/DMP

    Hello all, I'm finishing up my M.S. degree in physics with a 3.8 or 3.9 this upcoming spring. I have been taking undergraduate courses in Medical Physics and currently submitting a paper in the medical physics imaging field. Also attempting to do my thesis project with a local medical...
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    Summer program project ideas

    Hello guys, I'm a master's here in California and just accepted a job offer for the summer. I will be in charge of a pilot program where I am in charge of 15 students (juniors and seniors interested in science) for 2.5 hours a day, monday through thursday, for 5 weeks. I have to have them...
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    Translation operator on ground state

    Homework Statement I am working through a time independent perturbation problem and I am calculating the first order correction to the energy, and I am stuck operating the perturbation : v = i b (Exp[i g x]-Exp[-i g x]) on the ground state |0>. Homework Equations <0| v |0> = 1st order...
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    Spin time development

    Homework Statement I have a B field initially in the x-direction, and its constant: \widehat{H}= - (\dfrac{e}{mc})\overrightarrow{B} \dot{} \overrightarrow{S} At t=0 it was prepared so that Sz has an eigenvalue of + hbar/2 I want to show the time evolution of the initial state. Homework...
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    Neutrino Oscillations

    Homework Statement Considering just the electron and the muon neutrino, The Free hamiltonian is written in this basis as: H = 1/2 (E + Δ Cos[θ]) |Ve><Ve| + 1/2 Δ Sin[θ] |Vu><Ve| + 1/2 Δ Sin[θ]|Ve><Vu| + 1/2 (E - Δ Cos[θ]) |Vu><Vu| Since H is not diagonal in this basis, they will exhibit...
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    Best Programming courses

    Im fairly inexperienced when it comes to programming. I realized a lot of internships require knowledge of programming. So, my question for you guys is: Since I'm a new master's student, and looking to become more competitive for jobs and internships, what sort of programming courses would prove...
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    Simultaneous Eigenkets?

    Homework Statement If A and B are observables, suppose that the simultaneous eigenkets of A and B, {|a',b'>} form a complete orthonormal set of base kets. Can we always conclude that [A,B]=0 Homework Equations A|a'> = a' |a'> B|b'> = b' |b'> The Attempt at a Solution I Honestly don't know...
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    Unitary operator eigenvectors

    Homework Statement I know that Unitary operators act similar to hermitean operators. I want to prove that the eigenvalues of unitary operators are complex numbers of modulus 1, and that Unitary operators produce orthogonal eigenvectors. Homework Equations U†U = I U-1=U† λ = eiΦ{/SUP]...
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    Difference in MS and PhD?

    What would you say is the main difference between Phd and Masters only programs in physics? Is the course work less rigorous? Or is it just less courses all together?
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    Teaching Assistant?

    Here in about a week and a half I will begin teaching 3 lab courses. I am very nervous! If you have been a lab instructor for a mechanics lab, about how much time did you spend lecturing the material? Were you nervous at first? I know I can go through the material myself without an issue, but...
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    A bit rusty

    Ill be attending a masters program this spring semester and they require a Placement test. I am wondering whats the best way to get back in the swing of things.? any good suggestions?
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    Prepping to start my MS

    Hey guys, Im starting my MS degree this spring semester (approx Jan). I graduated in may, so i have been a bit out of the game so to speak, since graduating. I am starting to really fear being rusty and just plain ol not smart enough to make it through.. whether or not it is a valid fear, i...
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    Commuting via car or BART (Bay Area Rapid Transit)?

    I will be attending SFSU in the spring for my masters, but i will most likely reside in concord for a very cheap living arrangement. I was told the whole commute including bart and the shuttle is roughly 2 hours one way.... Thats a bit intense no? Would driving be any better??
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    MS programs

    I am looking to find out if my choices of graduate programs for a MS in applied physics are reputable. I was accepted to both CSU long Beach, SFSU, and Fresno.. Does anyone have an opinion on these schools? Is it normal that they don't offer tuition waivers? They are very vague on what they...
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    How essential is programming for BS degree holder?

    Hey guys, I am graduating in about a month or so. I have applied to only a few graduate schools due to financial problems, but i was just rejected from my first school earlier this week. Im starting to worry that i wont get into graduate school this year.. I have some subsidized loans out so...
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    Statement of purpose help

    I am starting my statement of purpose essay for applications into Medphysics MS programs (SDSU) and a few other programs like Biophysics.. I am not a remarkably standout student. I do have about 2 publications in some AAPT meetings and poster conferences and in process of doing some work in...
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    Discouraged and lost.

    I have recently posted about trying to enter a masters/phd program for Medical Physics (Going to try for SDSU and LSU). Before this week i was quite hopeful and naive i suppose. I was not aware of how tough the job market was and the bottlenecking in the residency programs. Don't get me...
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    Medical Physics job market

    I am a senior physics major. I am going to be applying to some grad schools over these next few months but it has me thinking that I really have only a few ideas about what i want out of school. I am so far going to be applying for an ms in medical physics at san diego state (CAMPEP certified)...
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    Feel like giving up!

    Growing up i have always wanted to be a physicist. I knew since i was in first grade. But now that i am coming up on my last year i have little chances of getting into a grad school. I have around a 2.8-3.0 Major GPA and a 3.15 overall GPA. I have two publications with no internship. I worked...
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    Chances at Biophysics

    Im coming into my last year of physics courses, (5th year) and I only need to take thermal and advanced lab now. Hurray! But, I have a GPA of 3.2 with a major GPA of about 3.1ish. I am pretty sure i do not want to go into physics for a Phd but i do want to go into BioPhysics or Medical physics...
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    Building a Resume for internship

    Hey guys, My advisor wants me to send him my resume for next week and im a little nervous that i wont have anything to put. Ive been employed at Mcdonalds, Roundtable, and i also work as a Lab tech at my univ. (setting up lower division labs). I was also a grader for a year. Over...
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    Chances at San Diego

    Hey all, Im just about a senior at a northern California university. I am going for a BS in the Advanced Physics area. I have a 3.2 right now and im not too proud of it. I have been involved in one project/paper with my professor for an AAPT national meeting in Philly. But I feel like I'm losing...
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    At a cross-road

    Hey all, I am a senior at a University here in california. I have 3 semesters left after this before i graduate. (5 year plan..) I am going to be getting a B.s Degree in "Professional physics: advanced study option". Basically they physics required for those intending on going to Grad school...
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    Moment of inertia tensor of hollow cone

    Homework Statement Find the inertia tensor for a uniform, thin hollow cone, such as an ice cream cone, of mass M, height h, and base radius R, spinning about its pointed end. Homework Equations I_{zz} = \sum x^{2}+y^{2} \rho = \sqrt{x^{2}+y^{2}} The Attempt at a Solution I first...
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    Energy in two different frames

    If you have a particle, and you know its rest mass is about 100 Mev/c^2 and in the lab frame you measure it to travel at (8/9)^1/2 c then what is its energy in the rest frame?? Would it be just 100MeV? or 300 MeV due to the relativistic constant? i don't really know how you would reason out the...
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    PDE Harmonic Function help

    PDE Harmonic Function help!! Homework Statement A bounded harmonic function u(x,y) in a semi-infinite strip x>0, 0<y<1 is to satisfy the boudary conditions: u(x,0)=0, uy(x,1)=-hu(x,1), u(0,y)=u0, Where h (h>0) and u0 are constants. Derive the expression...
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    Failing a class

    hey guys, im a Junior in undergrad going for a bs in professional physics. I have always loved physics and always wanted to do something in that field. I am a pretty good student, i get b's and a's and this semester was my first in upper division courses so my grades are suffering as a...
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    Vertically launched rocket problem with integration

    Homework Statement Find the Rockets height as a function of time It is in a constant field g. u refers to the exhaust speed and M is the initial mass. Starts from rest. and is single stage. Homework Equations 1) m * dv/dt= -dm/dt * u-mg 2)Show that height as t is: y(t)= u*t- 1/2*g*t^2-...