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    I Information Conservation

    I have read that "Information is conserved", or at least that it should be. I read this in some discussion about whether or not black holes destroy information. (ref: Leonard Susskind, Stephen Hawking, The Black Hole War, etc..) It is believed systems in distinct states evolve into distinct...
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    Why is this false?

    (e^{1+i*2*pi})^{1+i*2*pi}=e^{(1+i*2*pi)(1+i*2*pi)} why is this false (according to Wolfram Alpha) ?
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    Q vxB magnetic force

    there is something I don't understand maybe someone can tell me - a charge q has velocity v along the x axis - there is a uniform magnetic field B along the y axis - so the particule experience a force F=qvB along the z axis Now consider the same situation in a reference frame moving at...