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    News 7 Dollar minimum wage

    I'm just curious what you all seem to think of Kerry's 7 dollar minimum wage that he promised during the debate. I'm also curious about how he is going to make this economy "exactly like the nineties" where everything seemed to be going well until someone flushed the floater that was the dot...
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    News A very long and interesting article

    I've had this article for quite some time, and I find it to reflect greatly on the current political situation in America. The article was written in 1938 by Garet Garrett Take some time, read it, and let me know what you think...
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    News Kerry to require manditory service for high school students

    I have had this link for a few days now, and it seems valid if the domain can be trusted. Here is the link: Pay attention to the following quotes (they are on the linked page under "National...
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    Derivation of the Bohr Magneton

    This is a homework problem, and I already turned in the wrong answer (on purpose because I didn't agree with the explanation of why the correct answer was twice mine). I want to know why the answer is what it is. The stated book value is 9.274009 x 10^-24 J/T. I got exactly half that, and I...
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    System of Differential equations with a singular coefficient matrix, help?

    I tried using undetermined coefficients to solve this problem, but I know that I am missing something and i cannot find any reference material on this. If you help me, thank you. The homogeneous equation for the system is: y' = A*y where y = \left[ \begin{array}{c} y_1 \\ y_2...
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    So what kind of racket is going on?

    College textbooks are costing 120 bucks new, and since most campus bookstores seem to be taken over by E-Follet, the used ones sell for 90-100 dollars, sometimes as low as 80 for really old math textbooks. So far, I've gotten 2 textbooks from foreign countries (two different foreign...
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    2nd order DE, is there a way to solve this without series?

    It looks simple enough: y'' + x*y = x^2 However, I tried and I could not find a nontrivial solution to the homogeneous equation: y'' + x*y = 0 Am I right in thinking you need to solve this with series? No need to actually do it, I just need to know if it is possible otherwise...
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    Precession of a spinning projectile, other dynamics problems

    Ok, I'm using Beer and Johnston's engineering Mechanics/Dynamics book for class, and i don't particularly enjoy it's lack of explanation for the following problem: The graphic shows a bullet flying to the right with the x coordinate pointing along its long axis and the y axis perpendicular...
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    Sun orbiting optics

    I was curiuous about the materials that would be used to make a giant sun-orbiting reflector, and approximately how close they could be to the sun's center without being destroyed by heat/flares. Why? Just wanted to know the feasability of using wasted solar energy (meaning energy that...
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    For you professionals out there

    What do you do in the aerospace field? I am currently a 2nd year aerospace undergrad and I wanted to know what you do, and what your major was. Thanks