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    Entanglement and the double slit experiment

    Hello, I'm wondering how the two slit experiment interacts with entanglement. Here's an ascii art picture of the standard two slit experiment: | | | | #...
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    Proper Length and Photons

    Hi all, If I have a length L_p of an object which is at rest in my frame of reference, it will have length L = L_p (1 - \frac {V^2}{c^2}) in an inertial reference frame moving with speed V relative to me. If this frame is following a photon at speed c, that makes L = 0. If my...
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    Can someone tell me what apodized means?

    Hi all, Can someone tell me what apodized means? Had a google and a dictionary search, only found people using it, couldn't find anyone saying what it means. Thanks, Douglas