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    Optical Transistor

    I was recently looking in lasers and and their uses and while watching Cosmos with Newton using a prism to shows the different colors of light from white light i got thinking. I stumbled onto the top optical or photonic computers a while ago and I decided to look into building one. After...
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    RF Ciruits and Microwaves

    My school offers a concentration in RF Circuits and Microwaves in their EE program. I have an idea about what some potential jobs/careers that use these topics are but am not sure. Can anyone tell me more about the concentration are/field and what jobs would be available in it or what some...
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    Riemann Zeta Function Zeros

    I was looking at the Wolfram Alpha page on the Riemann Zeta Function Zeros which can be found here, At the top of the pag there are three graphs each with what looks to be a hole through the graph. Now I know the graph is an Argand...
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    Intro to Number Theory

    Can anyone suggest a good book on basic number theory or an introduction text to it. I have been looking but don't have much of an idea on what to use. Thank you.
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    Cosmic Strings

    I have reading about cosmic strings and have some questions about them, are they in any way related to other dimensions even though they are one dimensional? Also do they have anything to do with gravitons and the cause of gravity?
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    Engineering Accelerator Physics and Engineering

    What roles do engineers play in the field of accelerator physics, specifically electrical engineers. I would imagine something to do with electromagnetism or microwave engineering but I have no idea. Does anyone else know what they do in the field? Thanks.
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    Amateur Exoplanet Imaging

    Is it possible to detect exoplanets with amateur telescopes? If so what size would be needed. I have seen some amateur protoplanetary disks pictures and would one be able to tell if an exoplanet existed in it as I carved out the material for planet formation? Is it possible for us with current...
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    Optical Home Made DIY Telescope

    Can anyone suggest a guide or books for making a telescope, DIY style. Also what size would be appropriate for a first attempt, and how much might it cost it you have any ideas. Thanks!
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    Testing SAT Math Prediction Ability

    How do you guys think the SAT, manily the math section accurately judges ones ability? I have heard people say if you get below x, usually 600 to 700 you will never succeed in engineering or physics. I would think its more on how much you study and that the SAT is there more tovtrick you any...
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    Day In the Life of an Astrophyiscist

    Well the I have for you guys is what is a day like for an astrophysicist and astronomers. P.S. If this is in the wrong section feel free to move it. Thanks
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    Engineering Astrophysics or Engineering

    Hey, I need some advice. I am thinking about grad school for astrophysics and trying to decide what I should do. The question I am posing is that given the low availability of PhD astro job would it be better just to become an engineer (electrical) and do astronomy/astrophysics on my own if...
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    Physics Networking for Physicists

    I am creating this thread to gather the forums combined knowledge on networking and making connections for physics. So how do you guys do it, make friends at conferences, find buddies that you went to school with, graduate or even undergrad. Hit up random people on Internet forums? Make friends...
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    Programs EE/Physics Double Major

    Hi, I am considering double majoring in EE and physics. I have looked through this fourm and found some stuff on the topic. I was ordering how feasible it would be and how much the majors would overlap. I also believe it would provide me with enough or nearly enough math courses for a minor. If...
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    Engineering Petroleum and Aerospace Engineering DifferenceS

    Hi, I am trying to decide between Aerospace and Petroleum engineering an dwas looking for what the differences in the jobs are. Things like work environment, pay, travel, degrees needed, and prospective outlook of each field. Also can a bachelors degree suffice or is a masters needed and are...