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    How to show integral identity involving gaussian over x

    So I have come across this integral identity in Krall's Principles of Plasma Physics (right after equ. 6.4.4 in the 1st edition) and I have not been able to show the identity is true. The reason that I would like to understand the integral is that I am trying to solve a similar problem to the...
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    Unknown Symbol in Molecular Term Symbols

    Hello, I am interested in the electronic states of the N2 molecule. Now it is a homonuclear diatomic molecule and" [Broken]) but I do not understand what the Latin letters before the molecular term symbols mean. Here are some of the states...
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    E-field from Time Varying B-field of Current Loop

    I am trying to calculate the E-field from a varying B-field. The B-field is from a current loop. \vec{B}(\vec{r},t)=\vec{B_{0}}(\vec{r})Sin(\omega t) where \vec{B_{0}}=" Now since B is varying with time there should be an electric...
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    Plasma Frequency

    Does anyone know where I can find measured values for the plasma frequency of bulk silver? I would like them to be for light in the Terahertz range. I have looked in all type of book of optical constants and I have searched many different articles. Just a suggestion of where to look would be...
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    How to Calculate Transmission Spetrum

    EDIT: Now that I have thought more I suppose this problem is a classical problem and should therefore be moved to that forum. Sorry for the mistake. Can this be moved? Hi I am working on a simulation trying to model light traveling through a periodic grating with subwavelength apertures. I...
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    MATLAB Importing data into MATLAB

    I am currently using the program OOPIC Pro to run some simulations. I am suppose to import the data into Matlab to analysis it. The only problem is that the person that I am working with has gone to China for three weeks and I didn't have him show me how to do it. I would really like to make...