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    Cylindrical Conductors Carrying a Current I -- Formula (?)

    How can I' be the formula above? Is there any formula to get this same
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    How the power of the voltage supply can be calculated?

    I know only these relevant equations for power. But here there is a different situation, we have a parallel plates which we don't have to know I current. How should I think of about this? I wonder if it can be thought of a capasitor or something? Assume that also we know E, B and velocity .
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    Electric field at (0,0) for this charged square conductor

    Can we assume that square charge resembles a sphere shell, and think like electric field at sphere shell's center is 0.
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    Mass spectrometer with a Lead element

    Summary:: How to load the plates with the Lead element in the spectrometer I have a mass spectrometer with lead element which has an electronic configuration 1s^2 2s^2 2p^6 3s^2 3p^6 3d^10 4s^2 4p^6 4d^10 5s^2 5p^6 4f^14 5d^10 6s^2 6p^2. It has 2 free electron, so the ejected electrons go...
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    Does a square shaped line may have a circle shaped Gauss' surface

    Summary:: For finding the electric field at P in the photo below, may I select a gaussian surface circular? [Mentor Note -- thread moved to the schoolwork forums, so no Homework Template is shown]
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    Can we take the partial derivatives of φ and ψ here?

    I research about coordinate systems and I found the following informations about transformation. Now, if I replace arctan (x/y) (according to the picture above) to φ, I think I can solve. But if I can do this, then what will be replaced to ψ? I mean, I know just taking partial derative about...
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    How to solve the integral which has limits from (1,2) to (2,4)

    I have a question like this; I selected lambda as 4 (I actually don't know what it must be) and try to make clear to myself like these limits (1,2) and (2,4) is x and y locations I think :) If I find an answer for part one of the integral following, I would apply this on another: My...
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    How can I compose these like (y^2-x^2)(z^2-x^2)(z^2-y^2)

    How can I transform to . The question is not actually contain only this. But it's necessary to do homework like this .
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    I This linear system has a solution? (Gauss' elimination)

    I don't know the terms so I'm sorry if the informations at summary above is unclear. But I add a detailed photo of my calculations below. I use Gauss' Elimination laws.
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    How many different license plates can fit this description? A_ _ and three digits which contains 1 and 2

    I have a question and searched about at google and found an answer which I don't make sure. If there is 26 letters and 10 digits; my answer is: first letter: 1 way(which is A) second letter: 26 way third letter: 26 way first digit: 1 way(which is 1) second digit 1 way(which is 2) third digit: 10...
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    I Hamilton path and circuit rounded path problem

    Here is a graph. I wonder if it has hamilton path or circuit. In hamilton path we have to cross once and only once at an edge, and the start and the finish must be different locations. In hamilton circuit we have to start and finish the same edge. So the circle which B is rounded, which kind of...
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    I Who copied the assignment?

    If someone is lying, who copied the assignment? Alex: Cate copied the assignment. Cate: David copied the assignment. David: Cate is lying. Keil: I didn't copy. I think Cate is lying. If Alex is true and there is only one person who is lying, Cate and David can't be true at the same time...
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    Where r came from?

    Summary:: I have a question that I don't understand but you may know where r was come from. I mentioned about my question on the addition.
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    Please check my calculation of the resistance of this wire shape

    I explained what I want to tell you in the picture I add. Thanks in advance.
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    I don't know how to get the x-y direction of position P

    Please help me to find the position P and whether it will work in this solution by knowing the position. (The question, my solution and thought in the image)