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    G++ to TC++

    I've compiled this code in linux by using g++. I also need to compile it bye Turbo C++ (I have version 4.5 of that). I tried to compile it but there were lots of errors. I tried the documentation and followed the instructions but some errors still exist. Is there somebody to revise the code...
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    What Motherboard Is Good For that CPU?

    Hi there, I need a good and handy way to findout, without too much pain, which motherboard is compatible with a certaini CPU. I usually check the motherboard manufacturer websites for this, but it takes me alot of time. Do you know a website for that porpous? A place where you give them a CPU...
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    Help with a French lyrics

    Help with this French lyrics, plz Anybody from france here? I can't understand the following paragraph of a lyrics in French: Rien à lui dire, il sait bien que j'ai tout à donner Rien qu'un sourire à l'attendre à vouloir le gagner Mais qu'elles sont tristes les nuits Le temps me paraît...
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    Recommend a good web-application framework for PHP

    Hi there, I need a good PHP frame work. I googled it and find houndreds of them. I'm confused. I don't know which one to choose. But finally I arrived in a selection of three: 1. WACT. 2. Symfony. 3. Prado. Is there anybody who has tried all of the 3 frameworks? Please let me know. I just...
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    What kind of registration is better?

    I'm developing a website. Its targetting tutors after jobs. Each tutor is given a webpage containing all his personal an professional information, so that people looking for a teacher can come, search and find the guy who suits their needs. With the short description given, let me know what...
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    Something like Orkut

    Do you know an open source PHP project which be like [PLAIN][/url] or The idea is very simple. You recives an email from a friend who's already in the site and then, you can follow the link on the email and register in the site. After that it's possible to upload...
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    Linux PASSWD

    In a HOWTO page, I'm told to define a new user this way: (I'm using Debian Sarge 3.1 Official) 1. Create new group ppp, for this you need to edit file /etc/group and add this line on the end of file: ppp:x:1001: 2. Create new system user for dialin connection pppuser: Simple create new...
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    Connecting two Linux machines

    Hi, We have two Linux servers (Redhat 9.0) 40 miles apart. We want to connect them to each other so that we can change our database settings and PHP files on them. In windows we just dial one of them from the other one and use a remote desktop. What should we do when we are using linux?
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    Linux log files

    Hi, My friend has installed a Fedoracore4 on my machine. I want to see what he has done with it to understand how. Is there any way see all the shell commands he has typed with all the answers the machine has given him?
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    Using MS stuff since I bought my PC

    Hi, I've been using MS stuff since I bought my PC, Win 3.1->95->98->2000->XP. Recently I'm in a situation that requires me to use a Unix based OS. So I have to find the most simple one to get along with. These are the features that the OS must have: 1. APACHE SERVER 2. PHP 4.x ( 0<x<4) 3...
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    Uploading by Delphi

    Is it possible to upload files by a utility written in Borland delphi? I mean uploading files from a windows client to a server on the Internet.
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    I know, it's stupid but

    ... here is PF and and most of PF people, do like stupid questions :biggrin: Here is the problem: Me and my friend planned to translate a book. We have only one book. And we don't want to be in the same place, physically, even for one minute. Till now, I typed some pages of the book and...
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    Php, Pdf, Utf-8

    I need to generate PDF files in Persian. My codes are in PHP and the server is runnig ver 4.3. The PDFLIB appearently doesn't support UNICODE. When I write something in Persian it shows only some nonsence charachters on screen. I also downloaded UFPDF, after using that class the charachters were...
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    Liquid Oxygen Storage tank

    Can you give me some advice on this: ------------ Are you in a position to supply us the below item: Please let me know the price as CFR Bandarabbas Iran. Subject : vertical liquid oxygen tank (lox tank) capacity: 18000_22000 lit working pressure : 17 bar Daily...
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    Runnig a .exe on clients

    Through a PHP page, how can we execute a binary (.exe) on a client runnig windows? Windows filesystem object looks good but it only manipulates text files.
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    Reports on web

    We have a linux server and some win clients. Our webbased accounting system is soppused to make reports in different formats like .DOC. The system is written in PHP. How can we generate that format?
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    IE status bar

    We have a funny problem :bugeye: In a PHP page we have used following code: onmouseover="window.status='hello'" I runned the page on two diffrenet machines both runnig win XP and both with the same IE version (6.0.29). In my surprise, on one of them, there is no status bar. But on...
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    Scanners in webbased programming

    Is there any way to connect to a scanner in order to operate it via a Flash movie? We are developinga a webbased accounting syastem. The users need to scan the attachmenst and upload them to our databases. Do you know any web based solution?? Any solution by using Javascript, PHP or ..... ?
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    Bending a laser beam ?

    Bending a laser beam ?!!! I was surfing the web when I encountered this photo: [Broken] I can only read English and Persian, unfortunately the page was in another language I can't get even a word of it. Anyway I'm badly interested to know...
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    Nobody is gonna help me

    Hi, I'm 19. For the rest of my life I have 2 completely different choices: 1. being an interpreter (studying English literature + translation ,English to Persian, + interpreting. 2. being an Optics and Laser Engineer. There are some good and bad points about each of the 2 choices. And as...
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    Oxidation states

    The book I'm reading, has suggested to methods for assigninig the oxidation statetes in a compound. The first method includes drawing the Lwis structure of the compound. And the second one is based on some rules. As I'm a beginner in chemsitry there are so many compounds which I can't draw...
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    Equation of a plane

    Here is the problem I need help with: Find the page perpedicular to the plane x+3y-z-7=0 and containing the points (2,0,5) and (0,2,-1). The answer given in the book is 2x-y-z+1=0. But when I plotted x+3y-z-7=0 and 2x-y-z+1=0, by a PC runnig Maple, they don't look perpendicular to each...
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    Necessary conditions for our existence

    I heard that there are so many conditions neccesary for us who are living on the Earth. Surely somebody must have collected them before. But I have a suggestion. What if PF people collect them once again in this thread? Anybody who knows some neccesary conditions for our existence on Earth...
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    How many odd numbers are there between 3000 and 7000

    How many odd numbers are there between 3000 and 7000, NO REPEAT? My answer is 1232 which is wrong according to the solutions manual.
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    Bohr's atomic model

    I need help with these 3 questions: 1. Describe the Bohr model of the atom. How does it differ from a planetary model based on classical physics? ======================== 2. In terms of the Bohr theory why is that electrons don't spiral into the nucleus? ======================== 3. If...
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    Help with Combinations

    How many combinations of three letters from the letters A,A,B,B,C,C,D are ther? ------------------------------ I assumed 2 cases: 1. 2 letters are the same. 2. all the 3 are different. And found 9 forms for the first case, and 24 for the second one. As you know my answer (33) is 20 more...
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    Permutation and Combination

    Consider these problems: 1. In how many ways can 7 boys be seated around a round table? 2. If seven beads of different colors are put on a ring how many different desighns can be made? 3. I have six books with identical black bindings, 8 with identical red bindings. In how many ways can I...
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    Where does the energy come from?

    When a helium balloon soars into the sky, it gains KE and gravitational PE. where does that energy come from?
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    Do you like dumb questions?

    Why don't we put a big plate out at space to gain energy from the sun and send it to us? Just like telescopes. They send us information. Why can we make something to send us the energy?
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    Problem figuring out the reflection of a pulse on a rope

    I have problem figuring out the reflection of a pulse on a rope with a fixed point. Do you know some websites to find animations about it?