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  1. garthenar

    Intensity and Interference Patterns (double slit)

    I'm still on part a. I think that i may have the wrong equation for intensity. I'm not sure I'm using the right numbers for the "first minimum". I started with getting the wavelength λ=(ax)/D since the first minimum occurs at m = 0.5 I multiplied the distance to the first minimum by 2 to get...
  2. garthenar

    Quartus II 18.1 (light version) -- problem getting functional simulation to work

    Homework Statement:: None. This is part of implementing a project and not an actual question. It's a technical problem or equipment failure. Relevant Equations:: The Code I get is; Error: (vlog-7) Failed to open design unit file "Waveform.vwf.vt" in read mode. [Mentor Note -- moved to the...
  3. garthenar

    Comp Sci Boolean simplification of a larger term?

    I was asked to use De Morgans law to find the complement of a particular equation, I applied the law correctly and simplified my solution down to A'B'CD'+CA+CB'+D'A+D'B' I ran the problem through a boolean simplifier to check my work...
  4. garthenar

    Engineering Designing an adjustable voltage source using only resistors and a pot

    I need to create a powersupply that takes in a +5 and -5v and has an adjustable output that varies between -2 and +2 v using one potentiometer. I already came up with a design myself but it did not work. I need some help figuring this out. I think my idea for how to get specific positive or...
  5. garthenar

    Current Through LR Circuits

    is the equation I found in the book for the current through an LR-circuit. The problem is I cant find anything in the text I have that deals with resistors in series vs parallel, if a coil acts as a short, etc. So can I ask you... 1) is this equation valid for both resistors in parallel and...
  6. garthenar

    Power related to the EMF of an adjustable coil in a magnetic field

    I'm already stuck on A. I'm hoping once I figure that out the rest will just fall into place but be prepared for this to take awhile. I understand how to use Faraday's law to get the current or voltage of the system based off the movement of the bar but I have no Idea how to relate the rate of...
  7. garthenar

    Solving for a neutralizing B0 in a Thomson Cathode Ray (Algebra?)

    I've attached a picture from the problem, the given equations, and my work so far. I knew I had a problem when My units wouldn't check out. This should just be simple algebra but It's not working. Please help me to understand what I am doing wrong.
  8. garthenar

    Thomson Experement, Derive deltaY between E=0 and E=E0

    There are more parts to this problem but I can't get to those until I finish this one. I have attached figure.1 and some my work so far, including my answer which the system rejected. (I had to copy my work from my original sheet as it contained sensitive information I didn't want to upload)...