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    Distance between planes in crystals

    I'm working on a lab report on powder X-ray diffraction off of some relatively straight-forward crystals (Si, NaCl, CsCl) for an introductary course on modern physics. I thought it would be useful to include a partial derivation of the formula relating the distance between parallel planes, d...
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    Source for quotation about science/physics?

    I read this some time ago, I don't remember where. Roughly paraphased: "Old scientists are never convinced of any radical new theory. Eventually, the old scientists die and are replaced by new ones who grew up being taught it." Does this sound familiar to anyone? Thanks for your help.
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    Resources for Math Undergrads: REUs, Internships, etc

    I am a sophomore physics and math major and am interested in doing research this summer, preferably in some sort of theoretical physics or math, but realistically in any sort of physics, as there seem to be few opportunities to do theoretical physics in an REU, and as I have regretably not taken...
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    Linear Algebra

    Ignore this post (it was irrecoverable due to bad LaTeX markup). See the one below.
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    Fix my name's capitalization?

    I accidently didn't capitalize my last name when I registered my account. If somebody could capitalize the h (change it to "Stephan Hoyer") it would be appreciated. Thanks.