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    Cheap and easy electric generator design

    I would like to build, from scratch, a small generator to be driven by a small windmill, for experimental purposes. One such generator on the internet has 8 NIB disk magnets (about the size of a quarter coin), flat sides facing out, mounted around a plastic rotor, with axes aligned along the...
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    Savonius wind turbine

    Given a certain sized Savonius Wind Turbine, for example, using a 5 gallon bucket (about 12 inches in diameter and 14 inches tall) cut vertically in half, the standard configuration has the two "scoops" either touching at the central vertical axis, or partially overlapped. Would moving both...
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    Physical resonance of inductor

    17:47 - dlbeeson: Is there any benefit of setting capacitance of an LC tank to resonate an inductor at its natural physical resonance frequency, like a tuning fork frequency? Like a brass pipe hanging on a string in a wind chime, the inductor must also have some physical resonating frequency...
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    What core design of an electromagnet will maximize field at more distance

    Given the same voltage and current, hence electrical power, what kind of core design can maximize the "reach" of an electromagnet? For example, with the magnet above a table, axis pointing down at the table, attempting to lift a small iron washer, is there a core design that significantly...