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  1. forever_physicist

    I Quantum operators and trasformation under rotations

    Good morning! I have a problem in understanding the steps from vectors to operators. Imagine you are given a vectorial observable. In classical mechanics, after rotating the system it transform with a rotation matrix R. If we go to quantum mechanics, this observable becomes an operator that is...
  2. forever_physicist

    A Fano resonance theory

    Good evening. I wanted to study the theory about Fano resonances. I tried to read the paper but it doesn't seem very pedagogical to me and I coudn't understand all the details. Are there any notes or any good book where I can find a more precise theoretical description? Thank you
  3. forever_physicist

    A Inequivalent K and K' points in graphene

    Good evening to everybody! I have a question concerning monolayer graphene. In all the papers I read it is well specified that K and K' in graphene are not equivalent points, but I didn't find anywhere where is the difference between them. Can anybody tell me where this difference is coming...