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  1. Delta Force

    Using Fuel as a Combustion Engine Coolant?

    Some jet and rocket engines use their own fuel as coolant. Hydrocarbons have even been used to cool electronics and nuclear reactors. Would it be viable for a combustion engine to use its own fuel as coolant instead of water or another liquid?
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    Did the Tokaimura Criticality Incident Create an AHR?

    The Tokaimura Criticality Incident involved the improper mixture of 18.8% enriched uranium and nitric acid in a 100 liter precipitation tank that was 450 mm in diameter and 650 mm high. The tank was surrounded by a water filled cooling jacket. When enough of the mixture was in the tank a...
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    Engine Type/Configuration and Aircraft Performance

    Some jet engines have turboprop variants, and turboprops are rated in horsepower/watts just like piston engines. It's also possible for propeller engines to be mounted in puller and pusher configurations. While it's not possible to directly compare different engine types, what would happen if...
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    Properties of Depleted and Natural Uranium?

    Depleted uranium is often used for applications in which high density is valued, such as counterweights, tank armor, and armor-piercing ammunition. Obviously there are going to be some differences between depleted uranium (defined as having 0.3% or less U-235) and natural uranium (averaging...
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    Engineering What Do Nuclear Engineers Do?

    I'm not sure this is the right area of the forum for this, but I've been wondering about what types of things people do with nuclear engineering degrees, especially those who graduate from universities in areas where nuclear power is stagnant or in decline. The last major growth period for...
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    Mini-Magnetospheres on Mars?

    The Technical University of Denmark has a page about the Martian magnetosphere in which it mentions the existence of localized mini-magnetospheres on Mars that are more powerful than the global field around Earth (source). What causes the mini-magnetospheres and how extensive is their strength...
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    Power Production at Hanford N-Reactor

    During the early development of nuclear power many utilities were concerned that the United States federal government would create an "Atomic TVA" and crowd them out. As a result the plutonium production reactors in the United States didn't have steam turbines to generate electricity from the...
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    Smallest Possible Nuclear Reactor?

    What's the smallest nuclear reactor possible in terms of size and/or weight? What kind of power output could it achieve?
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    Automotive Modern Inline Eight Gasoline Engines

    Could a modern inline eight gasoline engine be competitive with other designs, especially for high performance applications such as a limousine or supercar?
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    Question about Midland Cogenerating Nuclear Power Plant

    Midland Nuclear Power Plant was going to have two nuclear reactors from Babcock & Wilcox. Unit 1 was to have a capacity of 460 MWe, while Unit 2 was to have a capacity of 808 MWe. Were the reactors twins that simply had different steam machinery due to the cogeneration requirements or were they...
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    Ship Performance after Reboilering

    I'm trying to do some rough estimates of how much additional performance a steam powered warship (World War I to 1950 or so) could get from receiving new engines. I'm aware that different hull designs have different impacts on drag in the water, but for the rough estimate I'm focusing on the...
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    How Do Steam Plants Use Different Fuels?

    Historically it wasn't uncommon for boilers to be run on fuels different from those they were originally designed for. Ships were commonly converted from coal to petroleum after the 1910s, and for a period of time it was common to convert power plants from coal to petroleum as well. A common...
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    Chernobyl Soviet Power Grid Post-Chernobyl

    Did the Chernobyl Disaster have any major effects on the Soviet power grid as a direct result of the accident or due the retrofit and cancellation of RBMK reactors?
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    Organically Cooled Computers?

    Apparently its possible to use special mineral oil to cool a computer. However, some of the issues with the technology as described here are that the computer might run hot enough to crack an acrylic tank and humidity might enter the tank through air bubbles. Are there any ways to mitigate these...
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    March 1945 Hanford Substation Fire

    To clarify why I'm asking this, I'm interested in counterfactual history and this is a little known event in early nuclear history that could have had major repercussions for the Manhattan Project and the end of World War II. On March 10, 1945, one of the last Japanese fire balloons fell on...
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    Worst Case Windscale Fire?

    The Windscale Fire seems like it had the potential to become a much more serious incident due to actions taken in trying to get the reactor under control. First the operators ran the air fans at high speed to try to cool the reactor, but that only made the fire even more intense. Then crews...
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    Climate Effects of Cleaner Fossil Fuels?

    My understanding of climatology is that sulfur elements have a proven cooling effect while there is less certainty around particulate elements (which could have a cooling or warming effect). I'm wondering how changes in energy use since the 1970s might have impacted climate change, particularly...
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    Nuclear Plant Batteries

    It seems that the batteries installed at nuclear power plants would have been one of the largest scale applications of battery technology prior to the development of battery storage stations for utilities. I'm wondering what kind of technology they use(d) and what kind of lifespan, capacity, and...
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    Why Was Diffusion Selected for Eurodif?

    The Eurodif gaseous diffusion plant required so much electricity that three of the four 955 megawatt nuclear reactors at Tricastin were allocated to meet to its power demands. In fact the Eurodif plant was such a large industrial consumer that the reactors were were built close by to minimize...
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    Fusion and Nuclear Weapons Proliferation?

    Some experts claim that the technology to create pure fusion bombs already exists, although the resulting device wouldn't result in any real advantages over conventional explosives (source). Deuterium and tritium are also considered the most likely fuels for a fusion reactor. The deuterium...
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    Difference Between Musket and Rifle Trajectories?

    Wikipedia's article on rifles in the American Civil War mentions this: Is it true that smoothbore guns have a flatter trajectory than rifles? Can someone explain the physics of why that would happen?
  22. Delta Force

    Practicality of High Energy/Zip Fuels?

    High energy/zip fuels were developed in the 1950s as a next generation fuel for aircraft and rockets but were largely abandoned due to the risk of damaging turbine blades. The last projects to consider using the fuels were supersonic aircraft that would have run conventional fuel through the...
  23. Delta Force

    Did the Chicxulub Area Contribute to Oil Reserves?

    Many petroleum rich areas are located within the Chicxulub impact effects radius, including Mexico, the Gulf of Mexico, Texas, and Louisiana. Cantarell, a supergiant petroleum field, is located directly within the impact crater. Did Chicxulub play any role in creating and/or preserving...
  24. Delta Force

    State of Nuclear Winter Theory?

    There seems to be a lot of conflicting research on nuclear winter theory, especially since the 1990s. Carl Sagan famously predicted that the Kuwaiti oil well fires from Operation Desert Storm would result in a small global winter, but the effects turned out to be more localized and less severe...
  25. Delta Force

    Requirements for Supercruise?

    What does an aircraft require for supercruise flight? Is it difficult to make an aircraft supercruise, or is it more that by the time it became possible militaries were moving away from high speed/high altitude flight and the capability wasn't as important?
  26. Delta Force

    Historical Power Plant Costs and Efficiencies?

    I'm wondering if anyone knows where I could find information on historical costs and efficiencies of various sources of energy (hydroelectricity, coal, petroleum, natural gas, etc.) and plant types (steam, diesel, and gas turbine), especially at facilities of various sizes. That information...
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    Newly Declassified Atmospheric Test Footage

    Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory recently declassified some footage of atmospheric nuclear tests and posted them to Youtube. You can see the videos here.
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    Seeking Information on the Orkney Uranium Deposit

    Apparently there is a major uranium deposit at Orkney in the United Kingdom that might also be very high grade (the article seems to indicate it is 50.2% grade, which would be even higher grade than Canada's deposits). I've found a lot of information on the controversy surrounding potential...
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    Helium Scarcity and Gas Cooled Reactors

    How much helium would a gas cooled reactor require for startup and loss replacement? Would helium's scarcity pose a major obstacle to widespread or long term adoption of it as a coolant for nuclear reactors?
  30. Delta Force

    Volanic Ash and Nuclear Power Plants

    Trojan Nuclear Power Plant was located 12 miles north of St. Helens, Oregon. St. Helens, Oregon, is only 39 miles away from Mount St. Helens, which had a major volcanic eruption in 1980. The heaviest ash fell to the northwest of the volcano in Washington and to some extents Idaho, which...