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  1. Umrao

    SR: Does observation change when changing reference frame

    Homework Statement Special relativity: A rod travelling with the relativistic velocity of 0.866c moving towards a garage. The length of the rod is L, that of the garage is L/2. From the reference frame of the garage, we find the value of Lorentz factor = 2 we say that rod would fit inside...
  2. Umrao

    Calculation of force due to electric dipole

    Homework Statement Two identical co-axial rings ,(radius R each) are kept separated by a small distance d, one of them carrying a charge +Q and the other a charge -Q. The charges are uniformly distributed over the respective rings. A point charge q is kept on the common axis of the rings, at a...
  3. Umrao

    Evaluate ##\lim_{x\to 0} \frac{2^x-1-x\log_e2}{x^2}##

    Homework Statement Evaluate ##\lim_{x\to 0} \frac{2^x-1-x\log_e2}{x^2}## without using L'Hospital's rule or expansion of the series. Answer is given to be = ##\frac{(\log_e (2))^2}{2}## Homework Equations Squeeze play theorem/ Sandwich theorem, some algebraic manipulations and standard...