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    Planetary collisions

    Does someone else remember a program made to simulate the potential outcome of the collisions of celestial objects?
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    Is there a way to delete a topic?

    Can't delete a post?
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    Alternate CPR technique

    The CMP (calf muscle pump) is referred to as the body's second heart. Would it be possible to use it to circulate blood for someone who had a wound or injury in the torso? If part of its function requires the voluntary use of the muscles by the subject, than can an electric stimulation apparatus...
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    Carbon monoxide metabolism

    Carbon monoxide can make carboxyhemoglobin in the human body. Do plants have a similar composition? Would smoke from fires and exhaust from fossil fuel engines have an effect on a plants ability to absorb the CO2 or O2 it needs?
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    Medical Are jaw noises infrasound?

    A while back I read a meterology text book to learn about the atmosphere and on one of the pages there was a factoid about the human jaw resonating at an infrasonic frequency between .4-.8 mhz. I think it can be heard when you clench your jaw and release it. I believe this is relevant because...