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    Bouyant force plastic tube

    Homework Statement A plastic tube has a cross-sectional area of 5.00 cm^2. The tube is shaped sort of like a "U". The left arm is filled with water until the right arm of length 0.800 m is full of water. The right arm is then sealed with a cap that won't pop off until a force of 9.8 N is...
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    Why does light not reach any distance instantly?

    After learning about special relativity, and the behavior of light, I do not understand why light is not able to reach any distance instantly. Doesn't time stop at the speed of light? So if no time is passing, yet light is moving, wouldn't that mean that light is traveling infinitely fast...
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    Accelerating system with hanging mass and friction lab

    Homework Statement I am working on the analysis portion of a lab. The experiment was dropping varying masses connected to a cart by a string and pulley. The cart's mass was constant in each trial, but the hanging mass was increased each trial. We were measuring the acceleration of the cart...
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    Equation of the Osculating circle

    Homework Statement The ellipse has equations x = 2cos(t) and y = 3sin(t) where 0 <= t <= 2*pi The problem asked me to calculate the curvature at points (2,0) and (0,3). I did that, but now the problem asks what the equation of the osculating circle is at each of those points. I know the...
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    Acceleration of a hanging mass

    I would rather ask a more general question then the specific hw question... Basically I am wondering how to calculate the acceleration of a hanging mass that is attached to another mass on a flat surface. Picture a mass on a table. This mass is attached to a string, which is hooked onto a...