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    What is v/o?

    Homework Statement 1. Consider a mixture consisting of 5 v/o 239Pu and 95 v/o 23Na. Using the g′ = 1, . . . Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution Is v/o volume percent? I have never ran across this notation before and am not too sure how to handle it. I tried googling it...
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    Programs BS/MS at one school PhD at another?

    Hello all, I am thinking about purusing the BS/MS option in nuclear engineering at my university. However, the NE department at my school is small and I am not exactly sure if my research interests really line up with any of the professors here. I am not sure yet if I do want to pursue a...
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    Calculating Fourier Coefficients

    Homework Statement Determine the fourier coefficients of the 3-periodic function and determine how many terms needed to keep 3 digit accuracy. f(t) = 1/2(1-Cos[Pi t]), for 0<t<1 f(t) = 1, for 1<t<2 f(t) = 1/2(1-Cos[Pi(t-3)]), for 2<t<3 Homework Equations For the cos...
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    Preparing for Second year physics

    Unfortuantely I did not do so well in newton mechanics in the first year physics course. In brief, I decided to take the honors version with no prior physics experience and no care to try to fill in the gaps. Fortunately I managed to pull off a C overall but I hardly retained any information...
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    Should I leave my car unlock next year? VOTE!

    I am getting ready to move into an appartment on campus. This will be my first year on my own, the previous years I was living with family. My mother told me I should keep nothing in my car and leave it unlocked, so that if someone does break into my car, there is nothing to steal and nothing...
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    Schools Internship = research for nuclear engineering grad school?

    Hello all, How does an internship compare to research experience for grad school? I ask this because I am trying to finalize my private loan plan. If I do an internship for next summer, I will probably end up having to figure in the summer's rent and utilities into my loan for the place I am...
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    Programs Worth it to double major in Math?

    I just stumbled upon a proposed applied math track (Decision to be made next fall by the department). Right now I am an Engineering Physics major (with a math minor). The interesting thing is, that all but 3 courses (the two stat classes and a numerical analyisis course) are what I have...
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    Quick question on disk defragmentation

    I'm at the library, and while studying for my last final, I am running disk defragmenter on my laptop. It has been running for a little over 3 hours now and the library closes in 20 minutes. If it is not finished by the time the library closes, will I have to wait another 3+ hourswhen I get...
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    A few Private Loan Questions

    It looks like for the next school year I will need ot take out a private loan to cover living expenses. My first year I went to a community college and was able to afford (and save a bit) tuition and living expenses by working part time and in the summer. This previous year I depleted my saving...
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    Schedule for Fall Quarter - Linear Algebra or Fundamentals of Math?

    I'm having a hard time trying to figure out if Linear Algebra or the Foundations of Higher Mathematics would be best to take for fall quarter. I briefly thought about just taking both, but I'm not sure if I could handle it. Originally I was thinking about take linear algebra, but a friend...
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    Anyone have any experience with Academic Common Market?

    UT's nuclear engineering program? How is UT's nuclear engineering program? What is the cost of licing like there? I am thinking about transfering there because it may be cheaper tuition than where I am at now.
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    PFer's, what are some easy meals to take to school?

    This quarter, my class schedule has me on campus from early morning to late night. Since I am a poor student, I have been taking 3 peanut butter bagels in my bookbag to snack on throughout the day. It has now been a few weeks and I feel like I should add some variety to my diet. The problems are...
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    Courses Suggested Math and Physics Courses for Plasma physics/Fusion Engineering?

    Hello all, I am currently a second year engineering physics major, specializing in Nuclear Engineering. What would be the best Math and Physics courses to get an idea of what fusion engineering and/or Plasma physics is like (My university does not offer any formal fusion engineering classes)? I...
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    Schools How important is Honors curriculum for Grad school admission?

    Hello, I am second year engineering physics major looking to go to grad school for either physics or nuclear engineering. Unfortunately my freshman year I decided not to do the honors curriculum because I had only took very basic high school courses and didn't feel prepared for it. How...
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    Nuclear Engineering paths

    Hello all, currently I am a second year chemistry major (minoring in nuclear engineering). I am wondering if I would be qualified to be accepted to a graduate school in nuclear engineering without changing my major? My University does not off nuclear engineering as a major unfortunately (only...