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  1. stewartcs

    Hard Disk Data Retrieval

    Does anyone know of any programs/methods for this? I had a disk crap out on me over the weekend and there are some email I didn't have backed up that I would like to try and recover. I tried repairing it with chkdsk and the Windows Recovery Console to no avail. Thanks...CS
  2. stewartcs

    Null Physics

    Has anyone heard of this theory? A friend on mine is reading a book on it and said it was very interesting. Anyone else read it? CS
  3. stewartcs

    How to change the default program IE uses

    For the life of me I can't seem to remember how to change the default program that IE uses to open .pdf files. I want to use Adobe Reader and not Adobe Acrobat. Can anyone enlighten me? Thanks...CS
  4. stewartcs

    Electric Dryer Problem

    Well I figured I would post a recent problem I had with an electric dryer at home so that someone else may benefit from it. I have a Kenmore Elite Quiet Pak II electric dryer. The other day it stopped working. By stopped working I mean once you pushed the start button and released it, the...
  5. stewartcs

    Fluid Column Height Drop Due to Gravity

    How far will a column of a fluid with density p1 fall if it is inside of a tube (open to atmosphere at the top), inwhich the tube is inside of a tank of another fluid with density p2 (p1 >> p2)? Assuming that the tube was intially plugged at the bottom while filling it with the higher density...