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    Secrets and women

    I can't believe you guys are my colleagues! No wonder women have such a hard time getting academic positions. Before you've even carried on a conversation with us, you've already decided we're worthless, gossipy human beings. How the h3ll am I supposed to share the results of an experiment...
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    Secrets and women

    You realize, right, that not all women are gossip mongers? Perhaps the typical woman gossips, but I'm not a typical woman (as evidenced by me pursuing physics) and I don't gossip. I have better things to think about.
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    Your physical shape and condition

    I don't work out, but I try to take a walk when I can. I'm a chick, 5'9" and 130 lbs. I'm also in my 30s, which means my metabolism is slower than you youngsters' in your twenties.
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    Unified Theory of Everything - Figured Out

    I had a prof as an undergrad who had a huge filing cabinets of crackpot papers he'd accumulated over his 40+ year career. If you ever wanted to be amused, just pick on out of the drawer at random. I still remember one where the guy claimed that all particles in the universe were just...
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    How much time to devote to research?" [Broken] It's a tad old, but it's from CalTech. Should we grad students and posts docs really be spending 95% or more of our waking lives in the laboratory?