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    B Dwarf Planet or Stellar Moon?

    It's a stupid question with a stupid answer. The dictionary seems not to know what a moon is. Thus, the question, and the argument.
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    B Milky Way is "in the top percentile of all the galaxies that exist"

    A Dunning-Kruger demonstration? Allow me to proceed. The interesting thing is we have a fairly good view of one galaxy, and are making sweeping claims about all the others, many of which are permanently out of sight. The other interesting thing is, the word Galaxy might arguably include these...
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    I Guarding Mars' atmosphere with a magnetic shield

    Seems temporary. And vulnerable to a missile, if someone lacks patience. How much trouble in tossing a phone pole sized bar magnet very precisely (smart bomb) at the Poles of the Planet? How many would it take to magnetize the planet? Would't really matter where you set up the factory. Robots...
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    B Are black holes perfect spheres?

    I'll go check. I'll let you know what I find out.
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    Why colonize Mars and not the Moon?

    Strike that word 'potential'. We are fairly clever apes. We just might invent something.
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    Why colonize Mars and not the Moon?

    Air. Mars has some, the Moon has none. If you are going to try to make something, it's good to have something to work with. Where would Dillinger be without that bar of soap?