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    New study about the rise in global sea levels

    He who evokes Star Trek in a serious discussion loses. But... This discussion smells exactly like ONE Vulcan displaying "intellectual superiority" before a LARGE group of "irrational humans". Not in 'real life', but on TV. FICTIONAL. And not because it makes sense, but in order to illustrate...
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    Could fracking technology be used to raise land threatened with water inundation

    But there are no peer reviewed scientific references regarding using fracking to raise land.
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    Why do clouds move in a certain direction?

    Actually, dear girl, you were talking about wanting to know more about clouds.
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    Why do clouds move in a certain direction?

    Sometime between 1642 and his death in 1647, Evangelista Torricelli gave a lecture from which his notes survived. After he died they were among the few references to his work that remained. Upon being examined it was discovered they contained the earliest correct scientific explanation of the...