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    How are Tranverse Magnetic and Transverse Electric Polarisations defined?

    I've seen this terminology being used a few times and knowing what it means exactly would be great. I gather that it's used to define Polarisations relative to a plane? Any help would be great.
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    Do all pulsars have a Pulsar wind nebula?

    Intuitively I would say no because it seems like a big call but at the same time the high energy effects rely on the interaction between magnetic fields and gas don't they? Any tips or just an idea of where I can find out would be awesome
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    Can magnitude of complex numbers raised to some power

    Hey People just a general question Is the following necessarily possible? |z23|=|z|23 Where z is a complex number. I can't think of a reason why not but then again complex numbers have some subtle behaviours. Thanks