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    Calculate the mass defect of a molecule without empirical mass

    Hello, I'm currently writing a chemistry program. The user can create any kind of atom he can imagine, and then combine them into molecules. To properly calculate all the energies involved I need a formula to calculate the mass defect of a nucleus. I mustn't use empirical data to allow for...
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    Simplified theories for gravity?

    Hey, I was wondering, are there any major theories about gravity that actually try to simplify it all? Like, I recently heard that potentially the universe is expanding exponentially. It got me thinking. Couldn't this be translated to what gravity is? I mean, we know that gravity depends on the...
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    Calculate throw angle to have the curve cross a certain point

    Hello, I'm not sure if this is the right section because this is somewhat of a hybrid of math and physics. Say I have a ball in 3D space, its initial position and its' initial acceleration. Furthermore I have another point in 3D space which I want the ball to pass through, if possible. The...