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    Water filtration sysyem for relief in N.O.

    I am an 18 year old from Minneapolis and I plan on heading to New Olreans very shortly to help out down there. I am brining a van full of supplies and one of the items I would like to bring with is a water purifier and filtration system. I'm thinking the best set up I could have would be...
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    Proofing a few paragraphs on relativity

    I have to write a brief history of physics for this english paper I'm doing. The only part I don't have a strong knowledge of is relativity, so if anyone would like to check the following three paragraphs for me and tell me if I summed it up accurately, I would be very grateful. "Einstein...
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    Confusion on just what fundamental means

    Confusion on just what "fundamental" means I just read the Tao of Physics and I'm slightly confused. Are quarks and leptons fundamental units of matter or are they temporal manifestations of energy with E=mc^2? Is is that all matter is comprised of bundles of energy and that quarks and...
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    Measurements of time/distance be dependent on an object's velocity

    I'm just starting to learn about relativty, and I'm having trouble understanding it. Maybe someone could help? The first thing that I'm have trouble grasping is why would measurements of time/distance be dependent on an object's velocity relative to the speed of light?