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    Calculate when displacement are equal

    Homework Statement One stone is dropped from the the top of a tall cliff, and a second stone with the same mass is thrown vertically from the same cliff with a velocity of 10.0 m/s [down], 0.50seconds after the first. Calculate the distance below the top of the cliff at which the second...
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    Finding surface area with volume

    Ok, so I did a test today for advance functions and there was a question: the volume of a pop can is 350ml, find the minimum surface area and determine the dimensions. Where I got stuck: 350=pi(r)^2*h h=350/pi(r)^2 SA= 2pi(r)^2+2pi(r)(h) SA= 2pi(r)^2+2pi(r)(350/pi(r)^2)...
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    Dimensional analysis

    The velocity of waves in a liquid depends on the wavelength λ, surface tension γ, and density ρ, of the liquid, Derive an equation to relate v, with wavelength, surface tension and density, (note: surface tension, has a formula of force per unlit length and SI unit of Nm^-1)