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    RC Circuits and their uses

    We are studying RC circuits in my physics class and I'm just curious as to what they are even for? My instructor challenged us to go find 5 uses for RC circuits and I am stumped. I cant even find any on google. Anybody know of any?
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    Derive equation for a freely falling particles velocity

    Homework Statement Derive an equation that relates the velocity of a freely falling particle to its altitude. Assume that the particle is released from rest at an altitude from the earth's surface. Express your answer in terms of the variables and , constant gravitational acceleration at...
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    Line integrals

    Homework Statement Without parameterizing the path, determine what the value of the line integral (integral of F dot dr) is, if C is the closed, oriented path that travels around the triangle with vertices (0,0) (5,2), and (-3,6) and F=yi + xj Homework Equations Curl possiblY? The...
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    Flux integral is equal to zero

    Homework Statement If s is a unit sphere, centered on the origin and oriented outward, and the flux integral is eual to zero, does F=0? Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution
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    Area vectors of oriented surfaces

    Are area vectors of oriented surfaces always perpendicular to the surface?
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    Curl Test for vector fields

    Homework Statement F=-ysin(x)i+cos(x)j Homework Equations Can the Curl test be applied to this vector field and state three facts you can deduce after applying the curl test. The Attempt at a Solution
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    Curl Test

    trying to remember rules for curl test applicability. is it just simple closed curve? is F=-ysin(x)i+cos(x)j able to use the curl test?