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    Biochemical Engineering - Heterogeneous Reaction, MM Kinetics

    I'm doing an essay on imobilized enzymes. I need to evaluate some data i collected, to do that i need a graph that can relate effectiveness and Thiele's Modulus. My problem is that the only graph that i could find was this one: As you can see there's no graduation on...
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    Explaining Mass Loss in Differential Distillation

    Hi, i just perfomed a differential distillation experiment, the initial solution cointaned ethanol-water solution with 4.9% in mass it weighted 399.63g Water Mass:381.25 Ethanol Mass:19.96 We distilliled the solution for 20 minutes and obtained two solutions, the distilled had 35.87g and the...
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    Find the angles for the basketball throw, projectile problem

    1. A basketball will be launched of height h and will hit the hoop that has a height of H. The horizontal distance between the ball and the hoop is d. Given an initial velocity Vo write both possible launch angles in function of h, H, Vo and d 2. theta=tg^-1(Vy/Vx) (1)...