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    Fortran Multi-Dimensional array multiplication in fortran

    Hi; Is there anyone who knows multi-dimensional array multiplication in fortan ? such as; A(5,5,3,3) * B(5,5,3,3) thanks
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    Fortran Problem with a fortran program

    Hi; I am trying to run a program which includes; call AB write(6,*) 'finished AB' c--------- call ABp(Vup,gup) call ABp(Vdn,gdn) write(6,*) 'finished ABp'...
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    Fortran [Fortran] Problem with subroutine

    Hello everyone ; I have tried to run a program which has many subrotines so I control each of them.But, when I run one of them, the below error message is seen; /tmp/ccMqKR9L.o: In function `MAIN__': getg0.f:(.text+0x73c): undefined reference to `readin_' collect2: ld returned 1 exit status...