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    Distance, velocity & Acceleration

    taking derivation of distance equation is easy as every body knows. differentiating distance we get velocity and differentiating velocity we get acceleration but if a bird fly from one tree to another of distance 50m in 3 sec. we can get it's velocity by v=s/t but how can we get it's...
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    What is slope?

    Hello! What is slope. Is it rate of "average change" or "rate of instantaneous" change? Please elaborate
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    SCR and Diode are Active or Passive Components?

    Hello! SCR and Diode are Active or Passive Components? Please clarify the definition of Active and passive components. I have some confusion in it! Regards otoman
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    L1 and L2 cache? Question

    Hello! According to many sites L1 is internal cache and Level 2 cache, cache memory that is external to the microprocessor. but according to this intel core2duo box (photo) , intel is selling this L2 cache on processor not on another chip. why is...
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    Ground is always considered at 0 Volt?

    ground is always considered at 0 Volt? Will this bulb glow and why?
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    How to calculate displacement from distance?

    the distance from Islamabad to my hometown "sialkot" is 300km. if i use helicopter what would be the displacement ? Thank you!
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    How could this possible?

    As every body knows in series voltage drops and voltmeter is applied in parallel but look at this image . as the circuit is broken and voltmeter is applied but still Vmeter is showing 220V? how?
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    Why we take right hand and left hand limit

    Why we take right hand and left hand limit of a function? what actually we are trying to find on that time? asymptotes or ......?
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    Circuit analysis problem

    why the author is using negative sign there? And here the problem is different the author is using different current flow signs and one answer is positive and other is negative why is this so? See this?
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    Potential barrier of Silicon Diode

    As we know the potential barrier of silicon diode is 0.7V at "Normal Temperature" But if the Temperature is 120 degree Centigrade then what will happen? 1) the Potential Barrier will increase 2) Decrease 3) Remain Same Please Explain also!
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    Thunder light is a.c or dc

    Usually all of us observe thundering light at rainy day. A light is produced. Is that a.c or d.c Thanks
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    Difference b/w Dual core and core 2 duo

    I have always confusion b/w these two processor what's the major difference b/w these technology wise Thanks
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    Cheapest way to produce electricity

    As we know there are different methods are used in different countries to produce power. What do you think which one near you is the most cheapest way to produce power. Thanks
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    Forums of Uranium,

    As we know that usually and mostly Uranium is used in Nuclear Reactors. So ma question is why Uranium is used as compared to thorium and Radium. Second thing that Uranium is found in solid, powder or which form it's found. thanks :rolleyes:
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    Two piston or 4 piston engine

    suppose a bike which has 2 piston engine and other is 4 piston. which one is most powerful? thanks
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    How to estimate the Rating of Transformer

    T/F=Transformer usually T/F is used according to the load of the area, street etc. How they estimate that 50 KVA transformer is enough for this load,street? any formula or method plz explain ::Thanks
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    Re-conditioning of Transformer oil

    What is the procedure to recondition the mineral oil used in transformer so that it become useable again. Any helpful link or... Thanks
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    Can flux pass through any medium?

    Some one told me that ,by nature, flux an pass through any medium. Is it true? :uhh:
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    Calculus upto which level

    I am in 12 grade. In this period of time I have learn much calculus like integ and differenct. I want to know up to which class/grade i have to face calculus i m doing DAE in Electrical. Is calculus is in Engineering or in Mater level (16th) grade ? Thanks
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    Change frequency

    As we know in indo-pak our home supply voltages frequency is 50 Hz. And in USA it's 60Hz. Is there any device/circuit that can change frequency to 15Hz or any other according to our requirements. Please Elaborate :confused:
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    Plz correct the circuit!

    Here i m using a simulation software, but it showing me problem. the software is showing 1.80 micro voltss at negative terminal which should be zero. Plz see image. Is software is doing some mistake or i have little knowledge?
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    Is there any software

    Hi, Is there any software which solve question of calculus and difffenc. step by step instead of showing just answer. Thanks
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    Necessary computer softwares for electrical engineer

    As we know, Electrical technology deals with generation of Electricity, it's transmission and utilization. so my humble question is what are the necessary computer softwares that a Electrical engineer should learn? thanks
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    Unit of force is newton but

    unit of force is newton but.... For is measured in Newton but in National Geographic Special documentaries, we have usually heard them using unit "pound" like to determine force like 1) 500 pound bite force of dog 2) 1800 pounds bite force of hippo Why they measure force in pounds not in...