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    Finding a Limit

    Hi, I am at an intermedate step of a larger problem and I need to find the following limit: lim(k->infinity) k^k/(k+1)^k I see what this equals (by using computational software) but I am not sure how to show this. Any help?
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    Error Analysis Question

    Here is a question I can not seem to get from an error analysis course. Assume that you have a box of resistors that have a gaussian distribution of resisances with mean value mu=100 ohm and standard deviation sigma=20 ohm (20%resistors). Suppose that you wish to form a subgroup of resistors...
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    PID Control

    Why is it that a proportional controller will always result in an offset error?
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    Square Wave

    I have collected 5000 points of data from a sensor on a rotary arm (which I was trying to control to move with a position time graph that follows the pattern of a square wave) My question is, once I've plotted the graph in excel, how can I overlay a perfect (theoretical) square wave to show...
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    Calculus problem

    I have this calculus challenge problem (found here: [Broken]) I was able to answer part a and b, however I am unsure how to approach c and onwards does anyone have any suggestions?
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    Projectile motion variation of range

    For a launched projectile, what are the following theoretical relationships/proportionalities: variation of range with speed of projectile, keeping a constant launch angle variation of range with launching angle, keeping the launching speed constant thanks for the help
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    Air Resistance and projectile motion

    For projectile motion, how does one take air resistance into consideration? I have constructed a device to launch a projectile and I know how to deal with projectile motion without any air resistance, but I am unsure how I determine the range (the distance the marble/object will go) in the...