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    Time propagation

    I'm running a simple limiting case of a simulation with the expression: exp(-i*H*t), where H is the hamiltonian, in this case a 2x2 matrix of zeros. Should this evaluate to 0, or to [ 1 1 ; 1 1] ? Right now my sim uses the latter, which I'm sure is wrong. What do you think? Thanks in...
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    Kinetics Modeling

    In a paper, I encountered a system modeled by six coupled first-order differential equations like so: \frac{dm_i}{dt}=-m_i+\frac{\alpha}{1+p^n_j}+\alpha_0 \frac{dp_i}{dt}=-\beta(p_i-m_i) , where i=1,2,3 and j=3,1,2. According to the paper, the system has a unique steady state which becomes...