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    Probability density function of simple Mass-Spring system.

    Homework Statement We know that after long run of simple mass-spring system, there should be a probability of finding the mass at certain points between -A and A.. Obviously in probability of finding the particle near A or -A is higher than finding the particle at 0, because the speed is the...
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    Why y, y' (derivative of y), x are independent?

    In calculus of variations when we solve Euler's equation we always do think of y, x and y' as independent variables. In thermodynamics we think that different potentials have totally different variables I don't understand why the slope of the function is not directly dependent on function itself.
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    Prove that curl of a vector is a vector

    Homework Statement Proove it Iam supposed to change coordinate system, and proove that the result depends on coordinate system. The Attempt at a Solution My attempt was to start from definition of cross product using levicivita. I already prooved that divergence of a vector is a scalar. But...
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    What's is the best way to indicate a vector

    Personally I indicate vectors as a putting bar on a letter, but some people just underline it or put an arrow above it. What's your way of doing so?