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    Sound and Bulk Modulus

    I am trying to understand what the formula v=sq rt( Bulk Modulus/density). I understand that Bulk Modulus is indicative of a Pressure force and shows how much an object resists being compressed. So if we take a solid, it will have a greater Bulk Modulus than a liquid and so sound will travel...
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    Centripetal Motion

    I am a little confused why centripetal acceleration is a max at the bottom if you have: bottom: T-mg=(mv^2)/r top: T+mg= (mv^2)/r
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    Centripetal Motion

    Exactly. I am sorry that I did not clarify. Would you please be able to explain the interplay between tangential acceleration and velocity in conjunction with centripetal acceleration and velocity? In the idealized case that I discussed, when are each of them a minima and maxima and why...
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    Centripetal Motion

    I have a question about the difference between tangential acceleration and centripetal acceleration. I understand that in centripetal motion, centripetal acceleration is toward the center of a circle. However perpendicular to that is tangential acceleration which depends on tangential velocity...