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    Windows 10 experience

    I thought I would let you know my experience. I down loaded Windows 10 a couple of days ago. It took about two hours and, frankly, I didn't see any advantage. Perhaps I don't do the kinds of things it was intended for- but I don't know what those might be! It took a while to figure out that...
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    Gerechte23's question

    gerechte23 added this to a thread on a different problem. I am starting a new thread for it Why do you think you ought to be able to resolve it? That looks to me like a very nasty non-linear equation. Hold on, I was assuming that the "x" in your equation was the independent...
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    Friend and Profile Visitor Messages

    "Friend" and "Profile Visitor Messages" I have some questions about the new "notifications". What does being a "friend" mean? Are there easier ways to communicate with "friends" than "private messaging" that anyone can use? I have started getting a number of "Profile Visitor...
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    Recursive sequence

    Homework Statement Sequence of integers a1, a2, a3, . . . is fixed by: a1 =1, a2 =2, a_{n}={3a}_{n-1}+5a_{n-2} for n=3,4,5, . . . . Decide if exisist such an integer k\geq2, that {a}_{k+1}\bullet {a}_{k+1} is divisible by {a}_{k}. Homework Equations don't care about latex error.
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    Cheeky99's thread

    (Separated from another thread) Hey i need some help finding the general solution of ydy= (-x+ √(x^2 + y^2))dx by using the substitution y= vx and then the substitution u^2= 1 + v^2 It would be great if someone could help.
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    Including h files in subwindows

    I am having a problem with "include" files. If I put '#include "this.h"' in a subwindow, linking errors saying that the class defined in the h file is being defined twice. Since the h file for the subwindow is included in the code for the main window, I suppose that is why it is getting it...
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    Comic Strip

    I just have to put this in here! In a comic strip titled "FOXTROT" drawn by Bill Amend, today (I'm reading it in the Washington Post), we have a teenage girl writing on a homework paper: "First, I looked in the back of the book, but it wasn't an odd numbered problem. Then I asked my...
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    Connected Sets

    Since things are a bit quiet here, I thought I would throw out a puzzle I came up with several years ago, after reading an article on connected sets: Find two sets, P and Q, satisfying: 1) Both P and Q are completely contained in the (closed) rectangle in R2 with vertices at (1, 1)...
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    Simultaneous non-linear equations

    This was sent to me as a personal message- it's always better to post questions like this than just send them to me!
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    Academic and Career Guidance Forum

    I'm now mentor for the "Academic and Career Guidance" forum? I'm not complaining- I think it's a worthwhile forum but I would have like to have had some notice beforehand!