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    Medical Here we go with cellphone tumors again

    Not me. Mostly right hand. If I'm doing something, it sits on my desk in speaker mode. That brings to mind a question. My kids both have "cell phones", and I say "cell phones" because they use them 95% of the time to "text" and when they are actually using a phone as a phone, it's on speaker...
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    Medical Is blood donation actually valuable? Are all units really used?

    I second that! :smile: It's not just blood for emergencies. Blood is used for routine surgery, blood products are used for chemo patients, etc., etc.
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    Medical Digital dental x-ray with periapical film

    The question makes no sense to me. The x-ray tube isn't what is digital. The image receptor is digital. Here are a couple of links that discuss digital imaging and digital vs. film/screen
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    Medical Here we go with cellphone tumors again

    The link wasn't usable for me. However, given the large general population use of wireless devices, I'm not sure how they identify cell phone induced tumor vs. any other. Here's another link to comparable article that seems consistent with yours...
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    Medical Phys-Org Medical Xpress prostate cancer 'Golden Era

    Additional info at Medscape I deal largely in radiation therapy, but a few things to note. Local, regional, and distant control, as well as pain relief are significant objectives for any patients. While this isn't a cure, slowing the process and...
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    Medical Dangers of radioactivity

    Here's a good Q&A link Statistics are usually "population" statistics, e.g. "X" cancers per 100,000 people per 1 rem and they aren't appropriate for determining an individual's risk. Those of us that have worked in nuclear power plants, national...
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    Medical Math and dyslexia?

    Yep, you are missing something. Look up the technical terms in your quote and it will be pretty obvious. Those things cause issues with reading word problems, what the eye sees verse what the brain interprets (decoding), and numbers in general.
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    Medical Math and dyslexia?

    My daughter is dyslexic. The teachers had her use vertically lined paper (e.g. large block graph paper) to separate each part of a number into its own column. e.g. 232567 would appear as 2|3|2|5|6|7|. That made a significant difference. She then learned to print very neatly and put a little...
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    Medical Electrophysiology Radio frequency Ablation Question

    Source "Treatment: Ablation If cardioversion and medications fail to control the symptoms of atrial fibrillation, radiofrequency ablation is an option. This procedure uses radiofrequency energy to destroy the...
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    Medical How to publish a paper

    At last, peace in happy valley :smile: As was stated above, for now your best bet is to present at a conference, and hope the paper gets picked up. Some societies will publish the papers or abstracts presented in the meeting in a compendium, so at least it would be "out there".
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    Medical How to publish a paper

    "Physics Forums is not intended as an alternative to the usual professional venues for discussion and review of new ideas, e.g. personal contacts, conferences, and peer review before publication. If you have a new theory or idea, this is not the place to look for feedback on it or help in...
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    Medical How to publish a paper

    Maybe I'm just missing it, but I clicked the link in the Chem forum and the link for his question, but even there, the responses didn't seem particularly useful. Again, his question is too thin for much of an answer, but IMO, just telling him to try again or make it "better" isn't much advice...
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    Medical How to publish a paper

    You may be reading too much into the post. By definition captious="tending to find fault and make trivial and excessive criticisms." And by "where this is not so difficult to publish" could simply mean, where they waiting list for manuscript review and time-to-publish isn't as long and where you...
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    Medical Having a hard time sleeping

    I settle for the white noise (e.g. fan). I've also found the late night Golf Channel reruns to induce sleep, seriously. I've also used DVD movies I like, but have seen so many times I don't care to watch them again.... bore me to sleep. Keep the volume very low so that it's almost like white noise.
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    Medical Article: Robot Reveals the Inner Workings of Brain Cells Browsing the alumni stuff, I see things that make me wish I were back in school. You kids and faculty are so lucky to be able to do this kind of stuff every day. I have serious envy! Alas, wife, kids, house, bills, argh. Nothing but work...
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    Medical Surviving a heart attack

    Wonder if he got a "delay of game" penalty?? j/k Generally, we're told to do CPR until a qualified medical person (doctor) says to stop, until help arrives, or until you are exhausted and can't continue. Having a family where heart desease has a long and fatal history (4 dead and 1 survivor)...
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    Medical My wife's friend has lupus. What a sneaky disease!

    Lupus is one of those cases where there isn't a clear answer on what will happen. My wife was diagnosed many years ago, and hers has been well controlled with little impact on her life AFTER she came to terms with having it, the medications, periodic exams, and tests. However, a friend was...
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    Medical Liquid gases used by hospitals

    We have them on our O2 system here. I took a look and they are on the downstream side of the tank before the lines go underground into the hospital.
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    Medical Photons vs. Protons in Radiotherapy - Why photons?

    Protons have some excellent applications (some Pedi brain tumors, for example), but they also have some real issues. Cost was mentioned, but with the crashing sound of bank vaults closing the price to install has tumbled in a huge way. The 2010 ASTRO was driving nails in the proton coffin. Based...